The angular features of a square jawline work best with circle glasses mens – just think Harry Potter. A square face is a distinctly different face shape, with a defined jawline and a wide forehead, cheeks and chin. Rectangular, rectangular, and oval face features stand out and are also perfect for round glasses.


Bold features with round, oversized and ultra-thin frames are the best complement. Round and oval frames can soften sharp features and make a person’s face look more balanced and gentle.


Does this mean that people with round faces can’t wear round glasses? You’re welcome! . People with round faces can also convey their inner diva or celebrity by wearing edgy, quirky round glasses, especially if the frames are transparent.


Select the right color border for you.

The right border color can take your look to the next level. Going to a board meeting? Choose a metal frame that expresses elegance! Party at 5:00? Add a little color with those purple frames!


Thankfully, round glasses come in a variety of frames to match your every mood. Did you know that when it comes to choosing the right frame, your skin tone, eyes, and hair color can also bring a unique style? Here are some tips and tricks to make your choice easier:


Skin tone.

Some border colors will flatten warmer skin tones, while others will enhance cooler skin tones. So, if you’re buying a pair of round glasses for yourself, or giving a pair to someone you care about, here’s what you should look for:

Dark skin – tortoiseshell, greens and browns work best. Avoid pink and purple.

Light or peach skin tones – choose tortoiseshell, brown or bolder purples and reds. Avoid blue and lighter colors.

Pink Skin tone – Blue, pink and beige are all tailored for you. Avoid gold and green.

Olive Skin – Blue, black and purple are the best glasses for olive skin. Avoid neutrals and beige.


Hair color.

When choosing new round glasses or sunglasses, your hair color can be just as important as your skin tone – it all goes hand in hand, right? Here are some of the most common hair colors and the most complementary border colors:

Black hair – Black, brown, red and purple are the most flattering.

Brown hair – red, blonde, green, brown and beige look best.

Blonde – pink, brown, blue, purple or even black picture frames work wonders.

Red hair – Choose gold, green, blue or black frames.

Grey hair – Choose black, grey or white frames and avoid beige and brown.


Eye color.

Eyes are the most obvious feature of your face, and since round or round glasses draw focus to your eyes, here’s a short list of which round border colors work best for your eyes:

Brown eyes – Gold, green and tortoiseshell frames look best.

Blue eyes – Blue, grey, brown and tortoiseshell are the most complementary.

Green eyes – Brown, gold, pink and purple frames work best.

Hazel eyes – green, gold and grey frames are the most flattering