As we age, simple tasks like showering can become increasingly challenging. For elderly individuals, maintaining independence in the bathroom is crucial for their dignity and quality of life. Traditional grab bars have long been the go-to solution for bathroom safety, but there’s a new contender in town: the sliding shower transfer bench, like the ShowerGlyde. Here’s why this innovative piece of equipment is a game-changer for elderly patients, offering enhanced safety and convenience in the bathroom:

What Makes Showering a Challenge for Elderly Patients?
Showering can pose several challenges for elderly patients due to physical limitations and health issues commonly associated with aging.

For one, many elderly individuals may have difficulty moving around due to conditions like arthritis, muscle weakness, or balance problems. This makes the seemingly simple act of getting in and out of the shower safely harder than it’s supposed to be. Falls are also a significant concern for the elderly, and the bathroom, with its slippery floors and hard surfaces, can be a particularly hazardous environment. The risk of falls increases when entering or exiting the shower or when standing on wet surfaces.

Traditional grab bars provide some support, but they often require users to navigate tricky maneuvers when entering and exiting the shower. Hence: ShowerGlyde, a sliding shower transfer bench specially designed for seniors.

ShowerGlyde: The Evolution of Bathroom Safety
ShowerGlyde by SolutionBased is a sliding shower transfer bench – a modern solution that is designed to address the limitations of traditional grab bars. Unlike fixed grab bars, ShowerGlyde offers a stable seating surface that extends into the shower area, allowing users to comfortably transition from outside the tub to inside without the need for precarious stepping motions.

Enhanced Safety and Stability
One of the key advantages of the ShowerGlyde is its enhanced safety and stability. It features sturdy construction with non-slip materials, providing a secure platform for users to sit on while showering. This eliminates the need for risky balancing acts, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. Additionally, all ShowerGlyde models come with a seatbelt, further improving its safety.

Improved Accessibility
Another major benefit of the ShowerGlyde is its improved accessibility. For elderly patients with mobility issues, stepping over the lip of a bathtub can be daunting and dangerous. With a transfer bench like ShowerGlyde, users can simply slide across from the outside of the tub to the inside, eliminating the need for high steps or awkward maneuvers.

Comfort and Convenience
In addition to its safety features, ShowerGlyde also offers increased comfort and convenience for elderly patients. The seat is made out of plastic that has been tested with water to not be slippery when wet, for one. It also features adjustable height settings, allowing users to customize their bathing experience according to their preferences. The sliding mechanism makes it easy to position oneself comfortably in the shower, reducing the strain and discomfort that can result from standing for long periods of time.

Don’t Litter Your Bathroom with Grab Bars: Buy a ShowerGlyde Now!
A sliding shower transfer bench like ShowerGlyde is your ticket to a bathroom that’s free of grab bars. Available in 3 different variations to suit a wide variety of bathroom layouts, it’s the shower solution for elderly patients that you’ve been looking for. Visit the SolutionBased website now to order yours!

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