Scissors are an indispensable instrument in many crafts and responsibilities, including self-giving. How about it? They are smooth & easy to use; however, before you know it, they become brittle and hard to deal with! By looking into the causes and the responses, it may be possible for us to address the issue.

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Understanding Scissor

Scissors have two sharper blades, which are positioned opposite each other and press with each other when you open the scissors. It’s usually when scissors become hard to cut; it is the curse of rust, dirt, the pivot, or even the occurrence of a loose pivot.

Rust Issues

For example, scissors often get rust and become rigid and hard to handle. It is developed by the process of iron reacting with water and oxygen, which is corrosion.

Solution: Rust removers or a combination of baking soda and water are good options for rust removal. Pour over the rusted region, let it be for several minutes, then scrape off the area with a brush.

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Dirt and Grime

The blades or in the pivot area can get dirty, greasy, and sticky, which, in turn, will cause them to become stiff. This can lead to difficulties in cutting.

Solution: Please clean the scissors regularly. A wet cloth with soapy water would be appropriate for cleaning the blades. As for the pivot part, you can flush or save the brush out. Always remember to ensure that the scissors are appropriately dry and free from rust after cleaning.

Loose Pivot

The pivot is the part where the two blades meet. It often loosens up without usage over time. Therefore, the sharpeners can be misaligned, making the scissors hard to cut.

Solution: Pitch down the pivot lock. If the screw of your scissors usually twists counterclockwise, you can tighten it tightly with the screwdriver. Be careful not to overextend, as it can make scissors very tight.

Maintenance Matters

Frequent maintenance will surely make your scissors stay smooth. A part of that effort is ensuring the blades are clean, oiled, and kept well.

Solution: Continue by oiling the scissors’ pivot point and apply a drop of oil to that area. The grease in the mechanism helps to keep the scissors moving smoothly. Furthermore, start by putting your scissors in a dry location so they do not get rusty.


Sharp scissors are a thing to take serious concern over; however, understanding why they are getting blunt can help. Do not overlook your scissors. Cleaning them regularly, rust off, screw pivot, and generally your scissors maintenance.Happy crafting!