New energy vehicles can be charged using household power, but the charging speed is much slower than fast charging piles. Why can electric vehicles realize fast charging, but new energy vehicles can’t realize fast charging by using a household power supply?

The Difference Between New Energy Vehicles And Electric Vehicle Batteries

New energy vehicles than compared with electric vehicles, the principle of the two is the same, just have a different call. The electric car itself is light load, and at a slow speed, due to the convenience of charging, the capacity of the battery is generally not too high.
And new energy vehicles due to their weight problems, coupled with high driving speed, which requires the drive motor to have enough power, the same to increase the range, the battery capacity should also be increased.
As the motor power of new energy vehicles is relatively high, to reduce the drive current, it can not be used like ordinary electric vehicles with lower voltage battery pack, the more common battery pack voltage is generally 320V rated voltage.

Ordinary electric car battery pack rated voltage is generally 48V, a little higher generally to 72V, according to the common battery capacity of 20Ah calculation, electric car battery pack can store the power of 1.44kWh, new energy vehicle battery, according to the 80Ah specifications, can store the power of 25.6kWh. through the battery capacity parameters can be seen, the energy storage between the two exists a big difference. The battery capacity parameters show that there is a big difference in energy storage between the two.

How To Realize Fast Charging For New Energy Vehicles

The charging speed of the battery is related to the input power, just like the fast charging of a cell phone, increasing the input power increases the charging current and increases the charging speed. Car battery charging speed is also related to the input power, for ordinary electric cars, due to the small capacity of the battery, it is very easy to realize fast charging, but for new energy vehicles battery pack, wants to achieve the same charging speed as electric cars, such as 5 hours full, if not considering the charging efficiency and power loss, you need to use more than 5kW power charging, this power for home electricity, is already very large. This power is already a very large power for household electricity. In addition, the household voltage input to the car, but also through the charging power supply for boosting, so the use of household power charging, can not be realized fast charging.

For the outdoor charging pile, because it is designed for charging special, so from the power is also specially laid lines, and the charging pile output is DC power, input to the car interior does not need to go through the boosting power supply, which can reduce part of the loss.

Household electricity can not realize the fast charging of new energy vehicles, the main reason is still due to the battery capacity being too high as well as the limitations of the power consumption. Automobile configuration of home charging cable, also need to use the air conditioning 16A socket, charging rated power is only 3kW more points.

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