Constipation is one of the most common health issues we must think about at some point in our lives. Constipation pertains to the discomfort of feeling blocked up and you try to pass something that does not budge. If constipation is a frequent or occasional difficulty you happen to face, do not fret. Best laxative for constipation can give you the much needed relief by relieving you of that unwanted matter accumulated in your large intestine.

But, before you jump into picking up some laxative, think of this: choosing the right laxative can make all the difference when you want to get the best results without any side effects. Let us explore this point further to surface some important truths about laxatives.

Types of constipation
Know that all constipations are not created equal. From chronic struggles to occasional bouts, there are different types of constipation you might come across. Therefore, the solutions you must resort to in the form of laxatives must also be chosen accordingly. Some laxatives are gentle while some others can be more potent. What works best for occasional constipation might help little to alleviate a chronic condition.

What are laxatives?
Laxatives are of different types like stimulants, osmotics, bulk-forming agents, and lubricants. Each of them work in a different way. Stimulants irritate the lining and get your gut moving. Osmotics pull up water into your intestine for the purpose of softening the stool. Bulk-forming laxatives add bulk to your stool and make it easy to pass. Lubricants on the other hand lubricate the intestine and help the stool slide along smoothly.

How the body reacts
The real kicker is here. Not everyone’s body reacts to each type of laxatives in the same way. What has given the best results for your friend might leave you crampy and bloated. To find the magic potion, trial and error might be the way.

What to consider while choosing your laxative?
Safety is one another question you can’t overlook. When used as directed, most over-the-counter laxatives are usually safe. Some laxatives can produce side effects like dependency or dehydration if overused. So, you must choose your laxative wisely.

While some laxatives work very fast, some others take their own time to give you the results. If quick relief is your preference, waiting around for a slowpoke laxative might not be a smart idea. While choosing the weapon, you must consider your urgency and schedule.

Fiber-rich foods, plenty of water, and regular exercises can help avoid constipation. However, at times, your body might need a little nudge and therefore, laxatives come to your aid.

Take away
While you must choose the best laxative for constipation, understand that visiting the pharmacy for your health needs must always be the last option you must go with. Implement some life changes that can adequately complement your laxative regimen. Contributors to good bowel health are staying hydrated, consuming balanced diet, and an active lifestyle. While you work on that bigger picture, best laxative for constipation can come as a temporary fix.

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