In today’s beauty conscious world, Collagen masks are one of the most trending products because of their anti-ageing benefits. The quest for youthful radiance today is more prominent than ever, and individuals are seeking this fountain of youth from the ultimate youth-protein – which is collagen. It isn’t just the glow boosting collagen masks but also collagen supplements that are becoming increasingly popular in recent times. Collagen supplements don’t just enhance your natural glow but also support your overall physical health. But what really makes collagen special? In this blog we will discuss what makes collagen so relevant. We’ll talk about its skin tightening benefits that collagen face masks or collagen melting patches offer, and we’ll also discuss the health boosting benefits of collagen. 


What is Collagen?

Here we go again, the voices in my head say, ‘collagen, why is it so relevant?’ Swifties would know why I wrote like that 😛 Anyhoo, collagen is a crucial protein that maintains the strength, structure, and elasticity of tissues associated with your skin, bones, hair, and muscles. 


As you become a little older, your skin’s beloved collagen supply diminishes. Collagen decrease can also cause weak muscles, saggy skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and brittle nails. Collagen maintains the strength, structure, and elasticity of tissues associated with your skin, bones, hair, and muscles. As you age, the collagen supply diminishes. This is what increases the visibility of various signs of ageing such as saggy skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. That is why you see the rise of collagen masks and collagen supplements that aim to boost your skin’s collagen supply. Collagen decrease can also cause weak muscles, and brittle nails. This building block is also known to maintain healthy joints. 


Iconic Benefits of Collagen


1 – Skin Tightening:

Imagine being able to restore your youthful radiance. It would be a dream come true if my wrinkles would just fade away from my skin. Thank god for collagen boosting products, that you can be able to get closer to a youthful glow. One of the solid, super important reasons why collagen is being given so much priority is its ability to deliver skin-enhancing effects. Collagen is the integral component of your skin, which means that a reduced collagen supply can have a denaturing effect on your skin’s elasticity. Yes, this means that your skin would become more prone to wrinkles, and sagging :/ But, but, there is hope after all. You can externally boost your skin’s collagen supply!! You can apply collagen based or collagen boosting products or consume collagen boosting supplements. This could help boost your skin’s elasticity, and firmness, revealing a younger-looking skin. Collagen also helps in boosting your skin’s hydration levels that gives your skin a dewy appeal. 


Hey, you thought I’d miss out on collagen’s radiance-boosting benefits? Of course no! Collagen and radiance go hand in hand. If you sign up for collagen replenishment through topical collagen face masks or consumable collagen boosting foods, you can be able to experience visible glow-boosting benefits of collagen.


2 – Stronger Joints & Bones:

A decrease in collagen levels can also weaken the health of your joints. A healthy collagen replenishment can soothe joint pain and enhance the flexibility of joints. This can help prevent osteoarthritis as well!


3 – Better Gut Health:

Collagen strengthens gut lining thereby keeping toxic substances away from your bloodstream. Collagen comprises glutamine and glycine that support gut healing and repair.


4 – Muscle Recovery: 

Exercising can make our muscles go through stress which can cause fatigue. When you add collagen supplementation to your workout regime, your muscles undergo faster recovery from intense exercising.


Collagen Masks – The New Collagen Era

I happened to come across collagen masks while searching for baby products online! An ad popped up and I was so hooked on it. It was quite a fascinating ad where the collagen face mask just disappeared into the skin of the user. I was blown away and just wanted to try it out. After digging deeper into this tech, I figured that it’s a Korean technology mask that contains hydrolyzed collagen along with hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid. The Korean tech infuses these ingredients into the skin and helps you get a fuller skin effect. Apparently, with regular use, wrinkles and fine lines can get reduced as well. I tried the collagen mask and bloody loved it! My skin looked so dewy <3 I have actually just used it twice; hoping to see more anti-ageing results soon!

I believe a combination of collagen boosting food products along with topical solutions such as collagen face masks/ collagen melting patches can be very beneficial for achieving a youthful look. The important thing is to be regular with your regime, in order to achieve visible results!