Do you love dabbing most conveniently? That means you love a dab rig kit that provides portability and efficiencies at the same time. You cannot go wrong with the Waxmaid dab pen if that’s true.

The 420 holiday is coming, and you may witness the biggest festivity marijuana lovers have ever seen. Having an item like this wax pen will allow you to enjoy every hit in a mess-free way.

But why should you choose the Waxmaid honey pen as the perfect 420 deal to celebrate during the holiday?

Why Should You Pick the Waxmaid Wax Pen?

Apart from providing the dabbing convenience, the dab pen from Waxmaid will also help you introduce a fantastic way to smoke the dab. In other words, you can flatter with a pen with concentrates as the ink.

Anyway, kidding aside, this dab rig kit carries everything with it. The best part is that it comes with a 420 deal you cannot resist.

1.    Save Some Money with the Dab Pen’s 420 Deal

Any orders that go above $100 will save you $10.

If your order goes above $200, you will save $30. If you are just getting one for everyday sessions or preparing for the upcoming 420 holiday, you will get free shipping if the order exceeds $42.

The dab pen will cost you about $40. So, if you get together with a few related accessories, there is a sure bet of getting the complimentary shipping offer.

We know you need more than discounts and other enticing offers to tell you why you should get this wax pen. So, here are more reasons to get the honey pen from Waxmaid.

2.    It Provides the Convenience You Need

We have already mentioned this in the introduction. But how does the dab pen provide the dabbing comfort? Well, it carries everything in one body. By that, we mean that everything from the rig to your wax will be part of the pen.

The dab tool is the top, hiding within the mouthpiece. So, you can take out the mouthpiece, load your concentrates, and then close the top so that the mouthpiece can function as intended. That’s cool, right?

At the bottom is a wax jar carrying about a gram of your favorite concentrate. So, the only time you should take some extra oil is when you know you will spend more time outdoors. Another reason is if you need more than a gram to get to cloud 9.

Everything stays as one package here, which makes it a perfect travel companion.

3.    Heating is Fast!

The Honey Pen has an upgraded atomizer that only takes 20 seconds to heat. The ultra-thin quartz chip and a triple coil heating ability enable that. That helps quicken the heating process, but there is more to it.

The core is attached to the battery using a 510 thread. That’s the industry standard for a connection that will shorten the time you wait for the dab rig to heat up.

Overall, the powering setup here improves the thermal conductivity.

4.    You Can Control the Temperature

You can choose the temperature levels you need as you take the hits. This wax pen has three temperature settings you can switch by quickly clicking the multi-purpose button three times.

You know the temperature range you are in by the colors. A green light means you are between 450F-550F. Going blue signifies the middle level, which is 550F-650F.

The highest temperature setting is between 650F and 750F, and a yellow light represents it. The rig presents two heating modes after powering it on (using five quick clicks). There is a press-and-hold approach and the hand-free move, which requires two fast clicks to be activated.

So, apart from choosing a favored temperature, you can also let it go auto-pilot and still get the milky clouds with every hit.

5.    There is Battery Life and Fast Charging Ability

It’s a small dab pen that may make you think the size also portrays what you should get from the battery. Surprisingly, you get 16 dabbing sessions from the 1000mAh battery.

We don’t know how much dab you consume daily, but 16 hits will get you going. Furthermore, you are using concentrates here, which don’t need much to put you in the right mood.

When it’s time to recharge, a USB-C charger juices up the battery for 2-3 hours. That is not too much time to wait after 16 sessions.

What Else Does the Waxmaid’s Wax Pen Have?

Well, we haven’t mentioned what you get when you order one. The package will contain:

  • The Honey Pen Kit (the rig, dab tool, and the wax jar)
  • A USB-C cable
  • Four quartz balls
  • Four cotton swabs
  • A heat-resistant ring
  • A user manual

Using it is a breeze, and you will love adding cotton swabs to the cleaning package.

There are a few things that you should take note of as you use this pen.

  • When the battery goes than 30%, you will see a red light
  • When it goes to lower than 15%, it will flash the red light 15 times, then shut off
  • In case of a short circuit, it will flash the red light four When this happens, you should take the kit apart and reassemble it. If it does not function after that, you should change the defective part or get a new one.

Celebrate the 420 Holiday in Style with the Waxmaid Honey Pen

The 420 deal we have discussed at the top is what you get when you order the wax pen kit from Waxmaid. It’s valid until D-day, so you can get one soon.

It’s a user-friendly dabbing kit that makes it perfect for those outdoors chanting the 420 slogans all day. If you also prefer one for daily use, nothing should deter you from making a purchase.


The Waxmaid dab pen offers a compelling combination of portability, functionality, and ease of use. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or just starting, the Honey Pen will impress you.

So, if you do not like bulky dab rigs and wax containers, the Honey Pen is here for a convenient and enjoyable dabbing experience!