Substance addiction can have a negative impact on individuals as well as their families. Alcohol & Drug use are on the rise these days. Therefore, testing of these substances becomes very important. Getting an alcoholism test or a Drug test comes in handy in such cases. These tests can help identify the drinking or drug habits of an individual. It can also be a way to encourage your loved ones to seek the help they need to overcome addiction. 

Types of Drug & Alcohol Testing

Today, you can get the following types of Alcoholism & Drug Tests:

Hair Alcohol Test

Nail Alcohol Test

Hair Drug Test

Nail Drug Test

Depending upon the configurations of the test, the Alcohol testing and the Drug test price may vary.

Benefits of Alcohol and Drug Tests

Drug and alcohol testing is a process of screening individuals for the presence of drugs or alcohol in their bodies. There are several benefits to this type of testing, including:

  1. Maintaining a safe environment at work, like in offices and factories.
  2. Early detection can prevent the person from getting addicted and also prevent them from the harms of the substances used
  3. When a person knows that a drug or alcoholism test is being done or can be done, they may easily be deterred from the use of the substance in the first place.

Why Choose DNA Forensics Laboratory?

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