The volatility of this modern digital world demands business entities regardless of size and domain to be prepared for combating cyber attacks.

Still the majority of the companies are unaware of the fact that cyber attacks can happen on any company including them and without having an adequate response plan their data is always at risk and the damage can be more devastating.

To combat the panic which develops during or after the cyber attack, Our well articulated Cyber Incident Response Plan(CIRP) can be your ultimate weapon.

When every employee of the company would have known what he/she needs to do, the chances of mitigating the repercussions of cyber attack increases. But, here the question arises…

What Exactly Is Cyber Incident Response Plan…?

CIRP is a predetermined standard operating procedure(SOP) of action that a business entity should follow to detect, limit, diminish and recover from a cyber attack.

It is like a mock cyber drill which includes roles and responsibilities of every employee, communication protocols, recovery channels and everything needed to handle the chaos.

Does My Business Really Require A CIRP…?

Here is the straight forward answer in the beginning…Yes your business needs it for sure.

There’s a fact that more than 50% of the startups and ventures experienced cyber attacks in the starting six months of their operations. Adding to it, at least a single attempt of cyber attack has been attempted over lakhs of companies in the year 2023.

This proves, that Irrelevant to the size and domain, your business venture is vulnerable to an expanded range of cyber threats and without a well prepared CIRP your business could experience;

  1. Reputational Damage related to brand image and customer trust.
  2. Lost Revenue as without a response plan your business downtime will increase more than your expectations.
  3. Legal Complications as data breach will result in violation of privacy which can turn into a legal offense.
  4. Regulatory Fines which can give your business a significant financial loss.

To protect your business from these repercussions, Our Experienced cyber experts prepare and provide an integrative Cyber Incident Response Plan which facilitates your entity to emerge from such incidents and develop strategic learnings to avoid such events in future.

Cyber Incident Response Plan: Developmental Procedure By Experts

Identification: The first step, where we completely focus on detecting a potential cyber threat in your system. It also includes implementation of security tools and technology used for monitoring the system and training your workers to detect and report the attack.

Containment: The next crucial stage is to contain the identified threat. Our basic aim for this step is to minimize the damage by isolating the infected network of your system. This can also include complete shut down of some services.

Analysis: The next is a thorough analysis of the cyber incident by our team. It involves Investigation related to the vector, motive of attack, assessment of the damage etc. The information is then converted into a well prepared report which you can use for further evaluation.

Recovery: In this procedure we completely focus on recovering infected systems and tempered data to their original state. It includes restoring damaged networks, deploying backups etc.

Communication: Coherent and concise communication is the most important part of this complete process. We Keep all stakeholders aware of the strategies and responses to minimize the impact of the threat.

An Excellent CIRP: What Sets Our Incident Response Plan Apart

Our Experts having combined experience of more than a decade, always prefer to design response plans which can save any business even from the most critical cyber attacks. With ongoing support and assistance, we also emphasize on;

Customized Approach: We understand deeply about the objectives of your business and customize CIRP that cater your particular vulnerabilities. We implement different sets of criteria for different domains, so that you don’t have to compromise over the quality of the plan.

Framework Consists of Cross Functional Departments: Our cyber experts prepare planning frameworks which involve participation from every department of the organization. This helps in tackling issues related to both technical and non-technical aspects of a cyber attack and limit its damages more effectively.

Rapid Response for Clarifying roles: Our plan clearly clarifies roles for every employee, i.e. the steps they need to take during or after breach with appropriate authority. This ensures rapid containment of the damage and facilitates swift isolation of the infected system.

Clear Communication during Cyber Incidents: We always keep you in the loop to make sure you are aware of the necessary actions which are being taken. Our team prioritizes every attack whether successful or not, so that any sort of incident doesn’t go neglected.

Proactive Mitigation to Anticipate Hackers Moves: Our cyber team’s response plans assists you in mitigating potential security gaps before they can become a serious concern. Through our response plan we anticipate hackers moves by segregating data which is more valuable and then framing appropriate security measures for it.

What Get Changes: With Adequate CIRP Your Business Enjoys;

  1. Reduction in risk percentage: According to a research by IBM, 39% of organizations having CIRP face cyber attacks in comparison to 62% who don’t have response plans.
  2. Less Downtime: Rapid response due to incident planning can reduce the severity of an attack which ensures faster recovery and less no. of losing hours.
  3. Increased Security framework: Swift and proactive response towards the threat can identify and eliminate it faster which improves the overall security framework.
  4. Enhanced Peace of Mind: As now you have a comprehensive plan to keep your system secure, you can now focus on other aspects related to the seamless management of your business.
  5. Proper Regulatory Compliance: You can get assurance related to compliance with proper industrial regulations. This helps you in managing impacts rise due to data privacy laws.


In the transforming landscape of ever increasing cyber attacks, investing in an impactful cyber incident response plan has now become an absolute requisite instead of merely a choice.

At Prilient, we believe that when you infuse your resources, energy and hard work in the business, you will never want it to become a waste due to any harmful event or factor and for this reason we have prepared our response plans.

Contact us right now and get a consultation with our cyber experts to know more about our comprehensive CIRP solutions.