From being the home to the Valley of Flowers (a world heritage site) to being blessed with India’s second and third-highest peaks (Nanda Devi and Kamet), Uttarakhand has a tale in every trail. With numerous spectacular trekking and expedition routes that provide alluring treks, the Devbhumi has also created a global image for accommodating some of the most important temples in India and being the home of the yoga capital of the world (Rishikesh). 

The question now is why would you choose the best trek in Uttarakhand, or why would you select Uttarakhand for your next wildlife adventure in the Himalayan foothills? Well, here are some reasons that can compel you otherwise! 

Spectacular Natural Beauty

Uttarakhand is home to some of the most stunning mountain ranges in the world, including parts of the greater Himalayas. Trekking routes such as the Roopkund Trek and the Valley of Flowers Trek provide awe-inspiring views of snow-capped peaks like Trishul and Nanda Devi. The lush meadows, known locally as “bugyals,” offer vibrant displays of wildflowers and provide an otherworldly trekking experience.

Besides, the state’s varied altitudes and climates lead to a rich biodiversity. While trekking through the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve or Jim Corbett National Park, you might witness exotic wildlife, such as the Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, and a wide range of bird species. These treks don’t just allow you to experience the scenic beauty; they also offer you the opportunity to experience the ecological diversity firsthand. 

Rich Cultural Heritage

Uttarakhand is a spiritual hub attracting pilgrims from across the globe. Treks such as Kedarnath and Hemkund Sahib aren’t just physically demanding; they are also spiritually rewarding as they take you through ancient temples and sacred sites while offering a glimpse into the region’s deep-rooted spiritual traditions. 

On your trekking trail, you can pass through remote villages, where you experience the local culture and traditions. The hospitality of the villagers, their unique customs, and traditional cuisines can add a rich cultural dimension to your trekking adventure and you can also visit places like the village of Mana, which is the last Indian village before the Tibetan border. 

Different Trekking Routes

The best part about Uttarakhand’s trekking routes is it has trails for trekkers of all levels. From beginners to seasoned adventures, there are trekking trails for everyone around the year. The Chopta-Chandrashila Trek is ideal for novices, offering relatively easy trails with rewarding views. For more experienced trekkers, the Kalindi Khal Trek presents a formidable challenge, involving glacier traverses and high-altitude camping.

While some trekking destinations are seasonal, Uttarakhand offers year-round trekking opportunities. Summer treks like Har Ki Dun provide lush green landscapes and blooming flowers, whereas winter treks such as the Brahmatal Trek offer the thrill of walking on snow-covered trails. Each season brings a different aspect of Uttarakhand’s beauty to life.


Almost everyone has biases when it comes to picking a favorite state for trekking, but Uttarakhand is the land of gods. The Devbhumi is an abode of mesmerizing white glaciers, beautiful landscapes homely local culture, and towering mountains. If you are considering a wildlife adventure, the best trek in Uttarakhand is the way to go. Whether you trek during the summers, monsoons, or winters, Uttarakhand will readily offer you treks that are stupendously mind-blowing.