QSP stands for quality, service, and price, which you’d definitely know if you had any in your collection. They produce knives of unbeatable quality at a price point you simply must experience to appreciate.

One of the most popular models in the lineup is the Penguin, which is a best seller basically everywhere that sells QSP Knives, and has been for some time now.

But what is it about this QSP Knife that makes it such a popular model? Let’s take a look.

Blade Profile

If there’s one single blade profile that has taken the collective market by storm over the past 5 years, it’s either a wharncliffe or a sheepsfoot, or some hybrid of the two.

Users love not only the novel look (which until recently was not common among pocket knives) but the fact that it is inherently very durable and strong, with a lot of strength near the tip.

So it should come as no surprise that the Penguin, with its 2.9” to 3.12” (depending on version) sheepsfoot blade is such a top performer.

The downturned point is very strong but still fine enough to perform some detail work, while still preserving all of the utility you’d expect from a classic drop point or spear point blade.

Your Choice of Steel

Another great thing about the Penguin is that this QSP Knife is available in a few different blade steels, so you don’t have to settle on whatever QSP came up with.

QSP has released the Penguin with classic tool steel blades made of D2 as well as more utilitarian, stain and rust-resistant alloys like 14C28N, both of which can raise a razor edge.

The venerable QSP Penguin is also available with super steel blades, namely CPM-20CV and 154CM, both of which are extremely durable, impressively corrosion-resistant, and hard enough to hold an edge for quite a while.

Your Choice of Scale Material and Color

It was Henry Ford that said “the customer can have any color he wants, as long as it’s black.” Well, marketing has come a long way in the last century and with the competitive density of the modern market, consumers are no longer willing to settle.

The Penguin is available with multiple different blade finishes, and with several scale materials, including G10, Micarta, carbon fiber, and titanium scales. It’s also available in multiple different colors and handle patterns – so you can take your pick.

Practical Ergonomics, Carry and Comfort

Regardless of the size of Penguin that appeals to you, you get the same basic ergonomics and boxy scales.

They work, and they don’t produce offensive hot spots, so most users find these knives fairly comfortable just the way they are.

They’re also equipped with lanyard holes and a reversible pocket clip, as well as a liner lock, which is simple and not the strongest lock out there, but utilitarian and practical.

At the same time, there are QSP Penguin knives made with frame locks and button locks, and even a few made with slipjoints.

Not Sure About This QSP Knife? Consider These…

Not sure if this is the QSP Knife for you? Take a look at some of the following models, all of which are also popular highlights from the QSP lineup:

  • Parrot
  • Eagle
  • Gannett
  • Hawk
  • Snipe
  • Swordfish
  • Copperhead

These are only some of the more popular QSP Knives, but there are many others. To investigate a more complete collection, visit White Mountain Knives.

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