Playing games is a very popular activity these days as there are literally tons of games available for the PC, consoles and mobile devices. Gaming is one of the best-known ways to get rid of stress and have a good time. The latest developments in gaming technology has now made it possible for game app development companies to come up with highly realistic games that can deliver many hours of powerful entertainment to their players . However, this has also led to the complexity of the game development process in general. The game development firms are now required to work with advanced technology that can further help in creating games that people can have a good time playing.

This has led to the birth of Unity 3D, which is a game development engine that can be used by developers to create state of the art games. Ever since Unity 3D first came into existence, it has completely changed the way games are being made. Every well-known game development company uses this engine for the wide range of benefits that it has to offer. In fact, Unity game development has opened up many doors for developers to use their creativity and come up with unique games that are extremely thrilling.

So, let’s take a closer look at the Unity 3D engine and understand why it is better than other game development technologies.

What is the Unity 3D engine?

Unity 3D can be described as a versatile, dynamic and robust cross-platform game development engine that comes with a dedicated Integrated Development Environment or IDE built right into it. Unity 3D has been developed by Unity Technologies. The wide range of interesting tools and features that come with it make it a one of a kind game development platform. It allows users to design games with one single code that can then be deployed smoothly on a wide range of platforms.

This means that Unity 3D functions as a feature-rich tool that can be used for all kinds of game development requirements. It is by far one of the most innovative game development tools that you can find in the market. A Unity game development company or professionals simply love working with it as it provides diverse radical solutions for common and uncommon challenges associated with the process of game development. Using Unity can benefit gamers from having access to the best interactive media installation components.

Benefits of using Unity for game development

It is cost effective

Many game developers start with little funding and would prefer to develop their market presence by creating stunning games. They may not have the money required to have gaming engines that can enable to achieve the best results. The good thing about Unity3D is that it provides with two distinct versions: a free as well as a pro version and the free version can also present with the best game development features. This means that choosing Unity is definitely a good idea when you are looking to develop your first game. This can actually ensure phenomenal success for your game once it is launched.

Great community support for Unity

Another big reason for which game app developers simply love to work with Unity is that it has got tremendous community support which can be essential for developing games. You would be pleased to know that there are more than 2 million Unity developers that you can get in touch with if at any point of time you need some technical help with your gaming project. Moreover, you can also socialize with the Unity community and find developers to collaborate with on a new project. You can also be a part of conferences that solely focus on Unity gaming. These are great places to meet like minded people so that you can take your game development career to the next level.

Unity allows multi platform game development

Unity 3D offers game development solutions for a wide range of platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac computers, Windows PCs, Windows Phones, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Steam and Wii U just to name a few. Moreover, if you are interested in investing in cross platform gaming, then Unity is the engine that you should opt for. Traditionally it can be a mammoth effort when you are looking to port a specific game to some other platform with a wholly different technology. Usually such tasks took a lot of time, effort and money on the part of the developers. However, when you choose to go with Unity, you can be sure of the fact that porting can become a lot simpler for you. While you still need to make some alterations to the game based on the platform you are working for, things can become a lot smoother when you go with Unity.

Unity Asset Store

When you are looking to get some components for the development of your game, you can definitely visit the Unity Asset Store and get it from there. This can save you the time and effort needed to create such elements for a game from scratch. Additionally, the Unity Asset Store is also a perfect place for modelers, artists and musicians to earn extra money by offering their services.

Best engine for 2D and 3D gaming

The Unity engine provides an extensive collection of authoring tools that can be used for 3D and 2D rendering. Therefore whether you are thinking of creating 3D games or 2D games, you can be sure of the fact that you can achieve powerful results when you go for Unity. The great thing about Unity is that this engine can present with an elaborate and well developed ecosystem for creating and launching games. This can really simplify the whole game development process.

Multiplayer games

Unity game developers simply love the experience of working with Unity when they are looking to create multiplayer games for their audience. Multiplayer games have achieved widespread popularity over the years and thanks to the high end technology that is now available through Unity, it is possible to make highly realistic multiplayer games that can be played through LAN or online means.

Unity 3D is open source

Since Unity 3D is an open source engine for developing games, it allows developers to have access to a wider range of tools and features that can be used for the customization of the games. In this day and age where it is difficult to find any development engine which is open source, it can be quite refreshing to work with Unity. No matter the type of gaming project that you are working on, you can certainly develop feature-rich games that stand out from others.

Unity is great for mobile gaming

The mobile smartphone devices that are made these days are crafted to support 3D gaming. Many games can now be played on mobiles that were once only suitable for PCs. If you are thinking of working on a mobile gaming app, then it would be in your best interest to invest in a Unity gaming app. This can definitely work out well for you when you want to boost your profits through your gaming campaigns.

Deciding on the gaming engine that can be best for you is never easy. However, with Unity you can definitely simplify the process of game development in a major way. Unity can actually provide you with a wider scope to experiment with new gaming ideas. You can also have games that truly stand out in terms of their graphics and sound quality. So once you have decided that you are going to invest in a gaming project, do get in touch with a Unity or unreal game development company to produce highly immersive video gaming experiences for the users to get the best returns on your business.