Wig magic: what are bye bye knots wigs

With various glueless wigs appearing in the hair market, different types showcase different features, and several types are convenient and natural for black wearers. The bye bye knots wigs also belong to glueless wigs, today we are talking about this type.

What are bye bye knots wigs?

The bye bye knots wigs belong to glueless wigs in the hair market, without the glue used to install the wigs, they cause less damage to wearers.

The wigs that experience the bleaching technique, showcase the natural feels, especially wearing the bye bye knots wigs on your head.

What are the specials of bye bye knots wigs?

First of all, hd lace materials used

The bye bye knots wigs apply the hd lace materials on the wig cap, not only adding a breathable feel while wearing but also ensuring a realistic look, which is pretty to create the melt effect.

Second, pre-bleached knots

The bye bye knots wigs are pre bleached through a special technique, achieving the perfect melt effect through bleached lace. What’s more, the knots on the lace are undetectable after bleaching and mini the knots.

Third, 100 human hair

100 human hair used on bye bye knots wigs, this provides choices on styling, and also ensures the lifespan of wigs.