With the winter season around the corner, it’s time to pack your summer wardrobe and bring your winter wardrobe into the picture. Well, not really! Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean you can’t utilize your summer clothes anymore. The struggle between keeping different outfits for different seasons is real. You need an extra closet and storage space, and you need to maintain the clothes too. What if we say, there are ways for you to use your classic wear for winter too? That’s going to make the wardrobe transition so much easier, isn’t it?

This blog is all about making this transition feasible and fun. We are going to provide you tips and tricks on how to layer dress for winter and some inspiration for cold weather dress outfits. So, dear readers, let’s utilize our clothes all season long!

How to Use Your Winter Wear Fabric 101

Here are some basic tips to help you utilize your summer wardrobe in winter too.

Some pieces of clothing are classic and they can be mixed & matched easily. For example – trousers and jeans. You can use your trousers and jeans all year long. For summer, you can pair them with shirts, t-shirts, and tops. For winter, you can pair them with sweaters, coats, and blazers.

Similarly, your classic shirts can also be used in winter by pairing them with a sweater vest. Layer the shirts with a cardigan and overcoat to create a chic winter outfit. You can also wear a high neck underneath the shirt or keep the shirt open to give the illusion of an over-shirt. In this way, you make use of your summer pieces in winter too!

Other clothing items that are season neutral are dresses and skirts. Skirts are super versatile and no matter the season, they look adorable. Pair a skirt with a sweater or a pullover and style the outfit with long boots and an overcoat. Trust us, this look will give New York fashion vibes! Cute printed skirts can be paired with contrasting prints and colors to add fun to your winter looks. Imagine how cute would a polka dot skirt look with a matching plain sweater. Colorful skirts can be paired with a solid color and neutral-colored skirts can be paired with a bright-colored sweater or overcoats. You can do so much when it comes to styling skirts.

And when it comes to dressing up in dresses for cold weather, we have an entire segment for you.

winter dress for women

Tips on How to Layer Dress for Winters

Revamp your summer dresses and create aesthetic winter looks. We all prefer investing in clothes that can be reused and re-worn in different ways. Well, a dress is one of those investments that keeps on giving. When it comes to cold weather dress outfits, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind to create the perfect winter outfit –

  • Pair flowy dresses with thigh-high boots and overcoats. It looks super chic and classy while keeping you comfy and warm. Flowy dresses have a volume of their own, so make sure that the coats and boots are minimal. You can also pair flowy dresses with button-down cardigans for the light winter season. Wearing a high neck underneath the dress is also a great option.
  • For bodycon and fitted dresses, wearing sweaters and pullovers over it gives the illusion of a skirt instead of a dress. This is a really good way to re-wear your dresses differently. Again, for footwear, boots go well. You can also pair it with sneakers and complete the look with a beret. The look gives off French vibes and is a head-turner!
  • Talking about cold weather dress outfits; short dresses can be paired with woolen stockings and thigh-high boots. Add a cute woolen cap and gloves to keep you warm in the chilly weather. Round off the look with a long coat or blazer.

Child wearing winter wear clothes

  • For cut sleeve dresses, wearing a sweater or a shirt underneath gives structure to the dress and looks good for winters. Again, you can layer it with an overcoat or a blazer to keep you warm.
  • If you have a printed dress you can match it with a blazer or an overcoat of the same print to create a monotone look. For example – plaid dresses go well with plaid overcoats. You can also add a neutral cardigan to break off the monotone look.
  • Another tip on how to layer dress for winters is to go bohemian. A kurta-style or an indie dress can be paired with a black blazer and boots. Accessorize it with tons of silver jewelry to complete this boho chic attire. Make a hair bun to add icing to the cake!

Dress up for winters in cute summer dresses by using these cold weather dress outfits inspiration and don’t forget to have fun!

And with that, we have come to the end of this very interesting blog. We hope you found these tips on how to layer dress for winter, useful and insightful. Do you use your classic pieces and summer clothes in winter? If yes, what is the one tip you would like to share? Let you know in the comments, we would love to read your take on wardrobe transition.

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