When Canadians are picking out new slippers for the winter season, they have many material options to choose from. Among the most popular are cotton, fleece, faux fur and, of course, wool. Each type of material has its advantages, but wool has certain benefits that make it especially well-suited for Canadian winters. As a leading wool slipper brand, Betterfelt understands why this natural fibre continues to be a top choice for keeping feet warm and comfortable in the colder months.

Cotton is a very breathable and moisture-wicking material, but it lacks insulation. When cotton gets wet from snow or slush tracked indoors, it loses much of its ability to retain heat. This can cause feet to feel chilled even inside the home. Cotton also dries more slowly than other materials. While comfortable in mild conditions, cotton slippers may not provide adequate protection on truly frigid winter days in Canada.

Fleece is another fibre that provides lightweight warmth but loses its insulating properties when dampened. The synthetic material tends to absorb moisture instead of wicking it away like wool. Wet fleece means feet will lose heat rapidly, leaving wearers vulnerable to cold. It also lacks the natural breathability and moisture management of natural wool. Many find fleece to feel “plasticky” compared to the soft hand feel of wool.

Faux fur seems like an obvious choice, given its cozy appearance, but it lacks durability and practical functionality. The material matts over time and sheds fibres everywhere. This can clog washer and dryer filters quickly. More importantly, faux fur has little to no insulating power once compressed from wear. Without wool’s spring-back memory, faux fur slippers fail to cup feet warmly with every step. 

Why Betterfelt’s Wool Slippers Are Top-Choice

Of course, not all Canadian winters demand peak-performance slippers. For milder indoor use on chilly evenings by the fireplace, cotton, fleece, or faux fur may suffice. However, for true warmth that withstands winter weather from the driveway to the doorstep, nothing compares to natural wool. Here are the top reasons why wool slippers from Betterfelt are a go-to choice for Canadians coast to coast:

Temperature Regulation – 

Wool possesses a natural ability to regulate temperature like no other material. Tiny scales on wool fibres allow them to absorb excess moisture from perspiration while releasing heat trapped between fibres. This regulates feet against both excessive heat and cold, a priceless benefit in variable Canadian winter conditions.

Insulation Power – 

The structure of interlocking wool scales traps insulating air pockets close to the skin. Unlike synthetics, this lanolin-coated “sponge” effect is compressed only a short distance before regaining loft – ensuring optimal warming even under pressure from walking. Wool maintains 80% of its insulating power even when wet, protecting against what mother nature throws.

Moisture Wicking – 

While wicking sweat away from the skin, wool’s water-resistant outer coating repels moisture from snow, slush or melted ice that may be tracked indoors. Instead of soaking in like cotton or fleece, this moisture sits on the wool surface for quick evaporation without compromising insulative qualities. Dry feet mean warm feet in all winter activities. 

Resiliency – 

Exposure to moisture or repetitive washing only serves to “full” wool fibres, causing them to regain elasticity and loft faster than other materials. Over time and through seasons of use, wool slippers like those from Betterfelt maintain their cozy memory-foam-like fit without matted compression or loss of insulating air gaps.

Softness – 

Without irritating scratchiness, wool’s ultra-fine fibres and natural crimp deliver unparalleled softness against the skin. This comfort contributes to improved circulation and relaxation of muscles tense from cold exposure. Betterfelt woollens feel luxurious next to the foot.

Hypoallergenic – 

Wool’s acid pH balance supports naturally antiseptic properties that discourage mould, mildew and bacterial growth even in continually damp winters. The lanolin coating also acts as a moisture barrier protecting against allergic reactions common to synthetic fabrics that some may find irritating.

Sustainability – 

As a renewable natural resource, wool can be shorn and replenished from sheep without harming the animal. It biodegrades without releasing toxic pollutants and can be composted or reused. Wool fleece also uses significantly less water in production than cotton or synthetics. Betterfelt helps keep Canadian winters cozy with minimal environmental impact.

Style – 

Merino and other fine wool types take elegant dyeing for trend-right colours and prints. From neutrals to brights, wool showcases seasonal motifs beautifully without pilling or colour loss through washes. Its natural soft drape allows creative design details like fur cuffs, embroidered motifs or lace without compromising comfort or function essential for Canadian winters spent both indoors and out.

Durability – 

When properly cared for, a quality wool product like Betterfelt slippers can last for many seasons of indoor/outdoor use with regular vacuuming to remove dirt. Natural elasticity provides shape and loft retention through years of washes, preserving initial comfort and warmth better than most other materials. This makes wool a cost effective choice over time compared to disposable cotton or microfiber styles unable to stand up to punishing winters.   


For Canadians concerned with staying stylishly toasty through each winter, wool has unparalleled benefits that make it the top material choice. With focused expertise in premium natural fibres, Betterfelt delivers functional, fashionable wool wear engineered to handle whatever Mother Nature brings. Whether worn between the mailbox and mud room or curled up by the fire for an entire winter weekend, Betterfelt wool slippers prove cozy functionality and timeless Canadian elegance go hand in hand. The many advantages of this sustainable material ensure it will remain a customer favourite for slippers far into the future.

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