Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the market is flooded with gifts such as flowers, which don’t last long. If you wish to gift something special to your girlfriend or your girl best friend, we are here with the best beauty kit hampers that you can get. 

Swiss Beauty kits

With Swiss Beauty kits, gifting is now easy. These specially curated kits are easy to carry as they come with a cute travel pouch for your girl to store her makeup in. These products help you to achieve a complete makeup look. Here are the kits that you must check out.

  • Valentine look kit

Getting the perfect gift for your girlfriend can be quite a task. But not anymore. This Valentine’s Day look kit will leave your girlfriend in awe of you. It consists of three products:

  • Cream it up blusher: The cream it up blusher is a liquid blusher that comes in a tube for easy application. This blush is available in five different shades to choose from, which go perfectly well for all skin tones. These blushes are highly pigmented and long-lasting. They help to achieve the perfect dewy makeup look.
  • 24/7 passport eyeshadow palette: The 24/7 passport eyeshadow palette has 12 shades of different colours and tones, including shimmer shades, matte shades and neutral tones. This eyeshadow palette will help you achieve the perfect eye makeup look every time. 
  • Stay on matte: Stay on matte is an easy-to-apply lipstick stick that easily glides on the lips. It has a creamy, hydrating and matte finish and is available in 24 different shades for you to choose from.
  • Galentine look kit 

Planning a getaway with your girls? If yes, then you definitely need to get your hands on the Galentine look kit. This kit will help you create marvellous looks that help you and your girls stand out from the crowd. Here is what the kit contains:

  • Plump up wet gloss: The Plump up wet gloss helps you get fuller and shinier lips. This product helps you to achieve a glass-like finish. It is available in many different shades that suit every skin tone perfectly. Use it along with a lip liner to get the perfect pout every single time. 
  • Colour Me Happy eyeliner: Are you and your girlies in the mood for something different and extra this Valentine’s Day? Check out the different colours and shades of Colour Me Happy eyeliner. These colours will help you create marvelous looks as they can simply make your eyes pop! They are creamy, smudge-proof, and long-lasting. 
  • 2-in-1 baked blusher and highlighter: If you are looking for the perfect blush and highlighter kit, this is it. The 2 in 1 baked blusher and highlighter have the most shimmery shades that go perfectly well with all makeup looks. You can use this kit as a blush, highlighter, and even eye shadow. They are available in different shades and tones to choose from. 

If you are looking to add for your girl, here are a few more makeup items that you can check out:

  • Professional Brush Set: If your girl is a professional makeup artist or loves doing makeup like a pro, this professional brush set will be a great add-on. These brushes are made with the finest quality of bristles and have great angles to work with. 
  • Lip Liner Pencil Set: For the perfect pout and smile, adding a line liner pencil set is the way to go. There are many shades to choose from. These lip liners are long-lasting and have a creamy texture, making it easier to glide on the lips. 
  • Affordable brush sets: If you or your girl is a beginner, these affordable brush sets will just set things right. They make the entire process of makeup easy. These brushes are easy to use and blend well.
  • Makeup sets: There are many more makeup sets at Swiss Beauty to choose from. From beginner-friendly and affordable sets to professional sets, you can get it all. These sets are enough to do a complete face makeup.
  • Makeup combo sets: While shopping from Swiss Beauty, you can easily find makeup combo sets to choose from, such as the eye makeup combo set or the lip combo set. These sets are affordable and help you get the perfect makeup look every time.


With Swiss Beauty makeup kits, gifting your girlfriend or girl best friend is now easy and simple. Check out many such makeup products from Swiss Beauty. They offer exclusive makeup kits and products for Valentine’s Day. You can also check out many other makeup items on their website.