Is there anyone in the world who thinks eating good food is a waste of time? I highly doubt that! But eating healthy to maintain gut health is equally important. What is gut health? It refers to the overall well being of your stomach and some other organs you probably read in biology while in school but have now forgotten all about! It is exciting to have food outside with friends and family or even on a solo date but it is important that you limit this. We’ve got 11 recipes here that are just as tasty but also good for your gut! These food hacks include vegetable cutlet, Black Chana Salad, Vegetable Stir Fry, Quinoa Khichdi, Mediterranean Chickpea Salad, Overnight Chia Seed Breakfast, Chia Strawberry Dark Chocolate Pudding, Vegetable And Lentil Soup, Methi Paratha, and Vegetable Chila. Whether your food is healthy or not, remember to add in skin gummies or biotin gummies to your daily routine for a healthy gut (and skin, hair, and nails :D)


1. Vegetable Cutlet:

Ingredients you need: (Quantity completely depends on you!)
– Your choice of veggies such as capsicum, carrot, bell peppers, peas etc .

– Garam masala
– Oil
– Salt
– Ginger
– Garlic paste
– Rice flour

How to make this delicious recipe? In a bowl add your grated veggies, garam masala, salt and ginger garlic paste. Give it a good whirl and then add rice flour. Make a shape like a cutlet and then take a pan, add a little bit of oil and roast them medium. Remember not to add too much oil because we want this to be healthy!

2: Black Chana Salad 

Ingredients you need:

– Black chana
– Cucumber
– Bell peppers
– Lettuce
– Cherry tomatoes
– And any other vegetable that suits your liking!
– Salt
– Chaat masala
– Lemon juice

How to make this?

Simple, take a bowl and add it all and give it a good mix and eat it up! 


3: Quinoa Khichdi 


Soaked quinoa
– Veggies of choice
– Salt
– Pepper
– Green chillies
– Ginger garlic paste
– Coriander

How to make it?

In a cooker, add a little oil and as it heats up, add your veggies, ginger garlic paste, green chillies, salt and pepper. Once they come to a cook, add your soaked quinoa and put on the lid. Wait for 15 mins and top It up with coriander and your dish is ready! You could consume Quinoa Khichdi at lunch or dinner. After your meals, you can consume yummy skin gummies or biotin gummies. Gummies are yummy treats in the form of nutrition so definitely don’t miss out on them. Have them daily two times a day.


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4: Mediterranean Chickpea Salad:


– Boiled chickpeas
– Veggies of your choice like cucumber, cherry tomatoes, onion, bell peppers
– Lemon juice
– Salt and pepper

How to make it?
Mix it all in a bowl, that’s it!


5: Chia Strawberry Dark Chocolate Pudding:


  •  Chia seeds 
  •  Water 
  • Strawberry
  • Honey
  • Dark chocolate

    How to make it?

Add water and then add chopped strawberries and chia seeds to a pan. While that is coming to a boil, use the double boiler method and melt your dark chocolate. Once done, add both to a bowl. Wait for it to cool down and then refrigerate overnight! And you have your pudding! Have the pudding as a dessert at night or at lunch. You can have your skin gummies or biotin gummies after consuming them. 


6: Vegetable And Lentil Soup:

Lentils (rinsed)
– Choice of veggies
– Garlic ginger paste
– Bay leaves
– Salt Pepper 

How to make it? 

In a pot add oil and then your veggies. Add garlic ginger paste, bay leaf and let it cook. After 5 mins, add your lentils, bring it to boil for around 25 minutes and then add salt and pepper to taste. All ready!

7: Methi Paratha:


– Methi
– Onions
– Salt Pepper
– Wheat flour

How to make it?

Make a nice dough with water and wheat flour. Then make round Parathas, roll it flat. In a bowl, add Methi, onions, salt and pepper. Now put this mixture on the flat roti and fold it up well. Roll it again and use a pan to roast it on both sides! All done!

Let’s hope that you are able to put these delicious recipes to use! And hey, do add yummy skin gummies or biotin gummies to your daily routine because they are high in nutrients that benefit your stomach, skin, and immunity. Apart from this you can also use gold serum or 24K gold serum and face serum for all skin types for glowing skin which gives a perfect look for parties and events.