12 Jul 2024

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Can I have 2 house insurance policies? 

Owning multiple properties can be a savvy investment strategy and a source of financial security. However, it also raises questions about insurance coverage and whether it’s possible – or advisable – to have separate insurance policies for each property. Hayes Parsons is one of the…


A Deep Dive into Office and Business Insurance 

Unforeseen circumstances can arise at any moment, posing potential risks to your enterprise’s assets, operations, and reputation. As a prudent business owner, protecting your investments and ensuring continuity amidst uncertainties becomes paramount. This is where comprehensive business and office insurance steps in, providing a safety net…


How to Buy Bike Insurance Online in India? 

The process of purchasing bike insurance online. Understanding Bike Insurance Bike insurance, also known as two-wheeler insurance, provides financial protection against damages to your motorcycle or scooter. It typically includes coverage for third-party liabilities as well as own damage. Benefits of buy Bike Insurance Online…