It’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep or indulge in romance in a crowded, cluttered bedroom. You will relax better when you are not worried about arranging your shoes piled up in the corner or folding all that laundry, and it’s easier to wake up when you don’t trip over the strewn belongings and other mess on your bedroom floor.

Everyone hates to do it, but once you organize your bedroom, you will feel calm and in control of your own life. Don’t know where to start? Read on these tips and tricks which will help you create a serene vibe in your private space.

1. Add More Storage

Clutter in the bedroom tends to accumulate when there isn’t enough room to put things away.

The key to an organized and clutter-free space is keeping knickknacks out of it in the first place. If you develop a system for where things go—a chest of beautiful dressers, perfectly measured closet dividers, and pretty mini fabric storage bins for extra linens and pillows—you are more likely to keep things organized and sorted.

2. Hide Under The Bed

Under the bed, storage is great because it is not visible, but still very convenient and easily accessible. Approach this versatile storage option with a thought-out strategy and you will be sorted.

You can choose to store just a few items under there —  extra linens or blanket throws in an adult bedroom, and books or seasonal clothing in your kid’s room. You might even consider transferring the content of your dresser (that you don’t use very often) into a rolling bin under the bed to free up space in your bedroom.

You can add a bed skirt complementing your room’s decor — it will not only hide your under-bed boxes & bins but will also bring color and style to an unexpected place.

3. Sort Your Dresser

It would be easier to find your clothes in your dresser when you dedicate one drawer to tops, another to undergarments, and so on.

For clothing items that are small or easily tangled, like pair of tights, camisoles, handkerchief, and socks, get organizers that are split into small squares, or rows, or cube-shaped. It will help you identify and access the item you need easily (also quickly replace it again later) rather than digging through a jumble of pieces. In case you find your clothes frequently escape from their sections, you can try drawer dividers, mini fabric storage bins, or shoeboxes to keep them in line. Or, get creative adding different colored knobs, stickers, labels, stencils, paint, or anything that would help you remind where everything lives. This works especially well in children’s rooms.

4. Hang The Artwork

If you have a small bedroom, make sure that you put your artworks on the wall and not on your dresser, nightstand, bedside tables, sideboards, or vanity. Keep these spaces clear, and your bedroom will have a more orderly and streamlined look.

5. Get Your Closet Under Control

Even if your bedroom is clean and spotless, if your closet is spirally out of control, it will disrupt the calm and serene vibe of the bedroom.

So, get up and tidy up your closet, either by doing a complete closet organization, adding storing solutions, or by doing a quick closet clutter sweep.

Also, take time to declutter and organize the night table drawers, tops of night tables, armoires, wardrobes, chiffarobes, bookcases, shelves, etc.

6. Put A Blanket Rack

If you love using a ton of throws and quilts regularly,  and you have the floor space, consider getting a pretty blanket shelf or rack. This will make it easier to make the bed, and getting it ready at night (‘turn down’). You won’t be tempted to just throw everything on the floor.

You can also keep some extra throws on the rack for use on colder nights.

7. Basket For Pillows

If you love to make your bed more cozy and comfortable by employing as many throw pillows as possible. Instead of throwing these snuggly pillows on the bedroom floor, use baskets to contain these while you are using the bed, changing the sheets, and doing the wash.

8. Free Up Your Night Table

Rather than buying a big desk which consumes a lot of your bedroom space, choose a night table that suits your needs while taking up little space. Another excellent space-saving trick is getting a small dresser where you can store some clothing. However, if you are living in tight quarters and don’t have the room for a small dresser, go for a slim night table with lots of drawers.

If you don’t have a ton of bedroom space available, try investing in multifunctional furniture that can serve dual purposes. For example — an armoire can house a television as well as clothing, a bed can have hidden storage, and a dresser or desk can also serve as a nightstand.

9. Place A Hamper

Placing a laundry hamper is a must — either built-in the closet, next to the closet or near the closet. It will help clothes to stay in the closet and not spill out all over your bedroom.

You can choose one which complements your room decor or buy a basic hamper or use foldable fabric storage baskets, which you can easily stash away when not in use.

10. Don’t Forget A Trash Pail

Get a small attractive garbage bin to keep in the bedroom. Look specifically for a pail because a big bin won’t work well in the bedroom. It is important that you create a drop zone where you can throw tissues, scraps of paper, and all the other small pieces of trash that make their way and clutter your bedroom.

Final Words

In case, you have a small room, the space constraints may make it that much harder to keep it clean, and tidy—but that just means you need to get a little more creative (focus on ease, comfort, storage) in keeping your bedroom organized and clutter-free.