Lok Kalyan Samiti 

Lok Kalyan Samiti is one of the NGOs’ which started in India immediately after the partition. The NGO was started with the noble cause of providing healthcare, education and other important necessities to those who are living under severe conditions of poverty.  It started as a group of volunteers who came together in creating a better living space for the people who are living in the miserable conditions of slums in Delhi.
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Smile Foundation  

Smile Foundation is one of the NGOs which is working towards an extremely noble initiative. It focuses on educating the children who belong to the Below Poverty Section societies and the families of the children. It is a known fact that the children who come to school from the families which are suffering from poverty cannot focus on their education unless the mothers and the family of the children are empowered as well. The NGO accepts donations and other forms of non-cash donations that help in the overall functioning. 

Helpage India 

The old people and senior citizens who are living with sufficient money in hand are facing a lot of trouble due to age. There is a lot of trouble that the old people from the disadvantaged sections of the society could face. The mission and aim of this NGO are working for those old people. The NGO works in conjunction with the state and central government and tries to implement the plans in the best possible way for the elders of the disadvantaged sections. 

Robin Hood Army 

Food is one of the most important things needed for survival. The Robin Hood Army is one of the NGOs which is working towards a very noble cause of delivering the surplus food which is available at restaurants and other marriage functions to the people who are living in the disadvantaged sections of the society. The ones who are not in a state to even manage to have a one-time meal are making the best possible use of this NGO. 

Teach for India 

Teach for India is an NGO which is aimed at providing top-quality education to the children who are living in the poor sections of the society by employing graduates from top-class universities to teach at government institutions. This is a fellowship program that is provided for the graduates for two years. After this program, the graduates end up working for governments by framing policy or by pursuing a Master’s in Public Policy abroad. 

These are the list of 5 best NGOs’  that work in Delhi. These NGOs’ have their method of functionality in dealing with major issues.