Students can no longer run away from homework, if the teacher forgets to assign any work during class, she’ll send it through Google Classroom. And the only excuse you can come up with will be that you were deprived of Internet access.

And so, Google Classroom benefits teachers comparatively more than it does students unless you’re a geek and you actually like doing homework and assignments. Let’s find out how Google Classroom acts as a source of help for teachers.

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11 Reasons Why Google Classroom Is A Great Tool for Teachers. 1

  1. Exposure to An Online Platform for Learning. 1
  2. Quick and Easy Access to Materials. 1
  3. Paper Is Saved. 1
  4. No Risk of Losing Work. 1
  5. Integrates other Google Tools. 2
  6. It’s Available on Your Phone as Well 2
  7. Facilitates Online Discussion. 2

Conclusion: 2



 7 Reasons Why Google Classroom Is A Great Tool for Teachers

1.    Exposure to An Online Platform for Learning

Google Classroom is a tool developed especially to promote outside-the-classroom learning, which is simple to use and easily accessible for students and teachers both. Google Classroom is the ultimate online platform that streamlines assignments in one place.

2.    Quick and Easy Access to Materials

Just like when you search Homework writing service USA and multiple websites pop up for help, Google Classroom also acts as a resource material for teachers. In the olden days, students would need to keep track of every worksheet, handouts, and checked answer scripts so that they can be used for help in the future but with a platform such as Google Classroom, everything is easily accessible.

3.    Paper Is Saved

With climate change drastically impacting our lives, it is our responsibility to conserve it as much as we can. In some cases, some online tools can assist us in this task. Since Google Classroom acts as an online classroom where you can create documents, presentations, excel sheets, etc, it wipes out the need to use paper to do the same.

4.    No-Risk of Losing Work

Are you scared the power might go out or that your laptop might run out of battery while you’re trying to check an assignment? There’s no need to stress about that either, as Google Classroom saves everything on its own.

For instance, if you’re checking a students’ assignment and your laptop dies suddenly due to lack of charge, there’s no need to worry because Google Classroom will have saved your last progress on its own.

5.    Integrates other Google Tools

Google Classroom is not only confined to providing an environment like that of a classroom online, but it also assimilates other tools such as Google Docs and Google Drive. Google Drive would enable the teacher and the student to save all their documents, presentations and drafts online. In this way, it can be accessed from any laptop/computer that has Internet availability.

6.    It’s Available on Your Phone as Well

Google Classroom has been developed as an application as well. It doesn’t get more convenient than this. If you’re a teacher who’s going on vacation, you can stay updated on new submissions by students, you can receive notifications when announcements are posted, there is even an option for share-sheet support, using which you can share website links and photos from your phone whenever required.

7.    Facilitates Online Discussion

In case there’s a hailstorm or heavy rain due to which you can’t take a class in school, but you know it’s a topic you can’t delay further. Hence, in this scenario, you can teach the topic through Google Classroom, provide a presentation to learn the material from, carry out a discussion on the topic and even assign homework.



To wrap up, Google Classroom is nothing but the most ideal online platform, especially for teachers, and it should be used at its utmost advantage.

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