Balconies add a little bit of spice and salt to the idea of every sweet home. It happens to be the only space within that keeps us closely connected to the outer world. Therefore, if we want to unlock the true potential of our home, we need to quarantine our balconies from and prevent them from getting wrecked with the hazards of water leakage that usually strip away the sheen and splendour of the most coveted space of our manor.

Many balcony areas and terraces are created above living spaces while some stretch itself out from the outer wall of the building overlooking the atmosphere outside. Therefore, great attention needs to be given to protect the balcony surface and waterproofing it with the aid and application of balcony waterproofing products.

Balcony waterproofing products are the key to a great balcony san the stress mark of moisture formed on the surface. Balcony waterproofing products are needed for preserving any area underneath the balcony from any perennial water ingression damage. Areas susceptible to snow or frequent rainfall are required to be treated for any kind of damage with balcony waterproofing products. The construction of a balcony is an essential part of the building works and should not be handled casually. The total process of waterproofing balconies should be a well thought out process. If it is ignored or overlooked from any point of view, the consequences can be severe as a result.

It is mandated to keep a balcony at a bay from the water

Balcony Waterproofing Products

There are lots of new technologies and balcony waterproofing products available that can keep your balcony protected from water. Balcony surfaces are made using concrete or timber roof with a level of waterproofed material that cover and guard that substance. Concrete structures face different issues than timber or steel construction and materials for one may not suit the other. At times you may come to terms with the issue of repairing your balcony surface over and over again unless you have not used a proper system or right balcony waterproofing product.

A logical sequence of balcony waterproofing exercise

Effective Penetrative work and fixing down must be performed prior to water sealing and waterproofing. If you are erecting a balustrade in these areas, you will probably be required to have baluster posts that need to fix down to the structural elements of the building. In such cases, the sealant or balcony waterproofing product must be able to seal around these and remain bonded to the steel of the balustrade posts. Choosing a brittle substance will not be a good option as the steel will expand more than the substance and a leak could arise at that point. While fixing any material to a finished roof, one has to be very conscious of water ingression and must seal properly with a proper balcony waterproofing product.

Tips to keep in mind while getting your Balcony wrapped in balcony waterproofing products:

You might apply several methods of waterproofing balcony surfaces such as using a waterproof membrane both below and above the screed or possibly sealing the exterior of the tiles and grout joints. You should check whether water fully drains out correctly as well, also you must navigate water to some other direction so that water does not stand still and get soaked into the surface. This draining strategy will also help reduce efflorescence and any water leaking into tiling or the surface.

So be sure that you apply the following tactics to ensure good balcony sealing and avoid water ingression.

  • Complete all-penetrating works before applying the waterproofing methods
  • Use suitable penetrating material with an additional sealant for additional coating on the surface.
  • Make sure you have a well-networked drainage layout contemplated, planned and executed in the light of the measurement with the balcony levels for the water not to be allowed to be accumulated on the surface of the balcony.

Balconies traditionally lie exposed to the extreme elements of climates like rain, storm, snowfall or heatwave and consequently suffer from the wear and tear caused by the work of the weather. This is where balcony waterproofing products come into play.