Being successful in the business domain takes a lot. However, making use of data plays a vital role when it comes to gaining profit. No matter the size of your company, the process of data analysis makes a great impact on its success.

Now if you deal in the import-export business domain then utilizing the international trade data becomes a priority. You can seek help from database providers online that can help in getting your hands on the specific trading data needs, for instance say the US Import Leads.

But what exactly you gain out of this data? Or to put it in a simpler word what benefits you get for utilizing international trading data? Read this blog till the end to find out the answers.

1. Apparent Consumption Value

With proper utilization of trade data, you can get the estimates for local demands of particular goods and services. This approximate demand value of a country known as Apparent Consumption, determines that particular country’s production along with imports and exports.

The results you get out of such analysis may have errors, however, they certainly offer an active kick start in knowing an approximate demand for specific product or service in a particular nation.

Domestic Production – (Import Value + Export Value) = Apparent Consumption Value

To give you an example, as per the UN reports of Food & Agriculture Organization, in the year 2016 Canada was able to manufacture 8.7 metric tons of barley approximately. The same year, 1.2 million metric tons’ barley was exported and estimated amount of 0.1 million metric tons imported.

Hence, the apparent consumption value of barley for that year in Canada was calculated to be about 7.5 million metric tons. This figure helps you a lot in understanding the consumers demand for a particular product of a specific country.

2. Understanding Market Trends

Another vital information that you can get benefited by making use of trade data is understanding market trends. Recently, in times when trade tensions surge quite often it is crucial to know and understand latest trade policies of nations.

This information helps in getting to know how they have an impact on regional and global flow of goods. The new and growing trade barriers may amend how manufacturing inputs are made use across distinct industries. This is only possible to learn when you analyses the international trade data.

3. Insight On Supply Chain

The final products are usually the outcomes of production input from different nations around the globe. With the help of trade data analysis, you can regulate how specific raw materials and inputs distribute across areas and segregate countries which supply huge volumes of material for manufacturing.

For example, with proper utilization of trade data you can detect different nations acquired raw materials and how much value is added by them. The export data also helps in getting insights on which nations are top exporters of specific goods.

Henceforth, helping you in making future strategies for acquisition of intermediary raw materials.


These are just few of the benefits that you get by utilizing the international trade data. You can take your business to new heights of success if you are able to analyses these data properly.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with trade analysis by getting your hands on import-export data. You can get them from many reputable online data providers as they have all the essential information such as US import leads and more.