Your home is your happy place and if the flow of energy at your home is not good, then there can be a lot of problems at your home. We all try to make and do everything which is in our control to make our home a very happy and ideal place. so, to help you out, we have listed down some of the best and also proven tips related to vastu shastra which will make your home very happy, bring in positive energy and make it an ideal place to live as well.

It is very important to learn vastu before you start applying it at your home. If you want you can take a vastu shastra online course as well. to learn vastu, you need to believe and have a positive energy in yourself as well. choose the best vastu shastra online course for yourself and you can tun your house into the most pleasant place ever. However, as of now, to help you out, we have listed some easy tips which you can follow and make your home a very happy, positive, and also ideal for you and your family to live with peace and quiet.

Let us start with the living room of your house. The first thing when you enter in your home is the living room. That is the first place the guests also see when they come to your house so making it the best is very important for you. Your living room has a lot of people coming and going and it brings in a lot of energies, both positive and negative. One of the things to remember is that you as the host should always sit on opposite side of the guests. He or she as the host should face the north side of the east side when the guests come over.

Also, the next thing that you can do is that you should try and ensure that all the electronic items in your living room face the south direction when they are placed in the room. This is one of the ways to ensure that only the most positive and best energy flows into your house. The next important room is your bed room. That is the room where you wake up or begin your day and also the room where you end your day and the last place you are when you sleep.

It should always have a very positive aura so that when you get up you are full of positive energy only. According to vastu shastra, it is important that the door of your bedroom opens to up to 90 per cent all the time. Try and make sure that when you sleep, you face the south side because it is considered to make you feel calmer and more comfortable as well. try and declutter your bedroom and keep the stuff only that you need and don’t add too much there.