30 Sep 2023

Category: Astrology


Powerful Surah To Destroy Enemy Immediately 

  If you face any Enemey Problems Then You can recite the Surah to Allah’s name for protection from enemies. Allaahumma ‘innaanaj’aluka fee nuhoorihimwana’oothubika min shuroorihim. Allaahumma ‘Anta ‘adhudee, wa ‘Anta naseeree, bika ‘ajoolu, wabika ‘asoolu, wabika ‘uqaatilu. Laa ‘ilaaha ‘illallaahuwahdahulaashareekalahu, lahul-mulkuwalahul-hamdu, waHuwa ‘alaakullishay’inQadeer. For…


Sun-Chiron Aspects Synastry 

Sun Quincunx Chiron Synastry A common issue with astrological relationships, is synastry involving the Sun and Chiron in aspect. Chiron brings the wounds of a relationship, baggage, and fears of death/loss. Sun represents your sense of self, your egos, your health, vitality, and creative ability….


How to make an Aries man chase you 

Unleash your irresistible charm and captivate the heart of an Aries man! Unleashing the enigmatic allure that resides within you, and ensnaring the very essence of an Aries man’s heart necessitates a fusion of magnetism, self-assurance, and genuine intrigue. Displaying your idiosyncratic qualities and fortitude…