What is Vastu?

Since our ancestors have noticed a lot of changes in the environment, they have proven that science and religion are somewhere connected to each other. They have been very true to their statements. “Vastu is the knowledge of implementation in which one can get lots of positivity and contentment in their environment. It is not something difficult or impossible. It is just something that has been proven for its results. Many people believe that Vastu has been the lucky charm of their lives; a set of rules can turn your upside-down world straight with its knowledge and powers.

Vastu Consultant

Why Vastu over Feng Shui?

Vastu is related to spirituality, mythology and some really strong believes while feng shui is something related to colors and direction. There is no comparison between the two as both of them have their own powers but Vastu is considered something very strong and powerful in aspects of bringing positive energy at one’s place as Vastu is the ancient Hindu art of collecting positivity and preserving it at one’s place so that they are happy.

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What is the importance of consultancy?

We all need someone who can show us the path; every student needs a teacher for teaching and showing the way, whether it is the study of Vastu. It is really important to consider and not to ignore the Vastu consultancy as consultancy can bring jaw-dropping and very quick results. One can easily avail of the best and premium quality of consultancy by Dr. Anand Bhardwaj. He is a very decently experienced Vastu consultant in Delhi. Guidance can really help in growing and uplifting the situation of the construction of the house. Dr. Bhardwaj has always been very true to its words.

Why Dr. Anand Bhardwaj over others?

Quality is always preferred over quality and other Vastu consultants may guide you according to your pocket, but spending for Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is worth it as he holds a decent experience of 41 years which more than sufficient to explain what he does. His office is in Delhi. He believes in knowing the requirement of the client is prior over everything so somewhere his work speaks the best. He is the best Vastu consultant and expert who can give the most appropriate guidance to the client. One must surf their website and know more about them.

More about Anand Bhardwaj

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the most educated Vastu expert in Delhi and educator, and not only this but also the director of the International Institute of Vaidic Culture in which many things are taught regarding Vastu like Vastu, Vastu shastra, numerology, techniques of feng shui, and much more. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj believes in spreading the light of knowledge in every corner so that everyone values it and learns from it in all aspects. Not only the institute, he believes in solving queries of people so he talks to them, and he makes up their mind regarding the right. The quality of work he serves is appreciable each time.