It has been a while since we experienced something as grave as a pandemic. We have grown accustomed to everything getting handled quickly with a snap that a simple health advisory to stay at home seems like an archaic solution to a modern problem. 

It’s hard to stay put at home, while many places worldwide are scrambling to fight a common enemy. Sitting around doing nothing can be some people’s version of paradise. Still, others don’t like the idea because it makes them feel useless. 

Some people want to do something – anything that can help them feel like they are doing something that’s making things even slightly better. Although some options may not be viable for everyone, there are different ways to help during this pandemic. It doesn’t have to be big – even the smallest of help can change something.

Reach out to friends and family

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Your friends and family need you the most, even if they don’t realize it. Some of them might be struggling during the pandemic more badly than you. It can be a financial problem, emotional, or even mentally. This pandemic is a burden on anyone.

You might have family members and friends who have been cut from their job because of the pandemic. Many companies decided to let go of their staff because they’ve been badly affected by the pandemic. Some can’t afford to let them all work from home, so the best thing they can do is just offer a separation pay as they go.

Help them by offering solutions. They might be looking for a job or just need help financially. If you have money to spare, then lend it to them until they find a new job and pay you back. 

Some people are suffering emotionally and mentally because of the pandemic. You might have family members and friends whose anxiety, depression, or overall mental wellbeing has been compromised because of the pandemic. If they suffer through continuous panic attacks, then give them a call. Regularly talk to them and check up on them just to make sure how they are coping. It might not feel like much, but just being there for them is enough sometimes. 

Donate your time or money

You can donate in two ways, and one may be more suitable for you than the other. 

First, you can donate money to research attempting to find a vaccine for the virus. You can also donate to organizations and donation drives that are making efforts to assist those affected by the pandemic.

Second, you can donate your time. Look around online or in your hometown for organizations looking for volunteers to organize and distribute relief goods. There may also be organizations setting up feeding programs or building houses for the homeless. 

The option to donate your time is mostly for those who don’t have enough money to spare. Some people think that just because they don’t have money, it means they are inept at providing help to other people, but there is more than one way to help – you just have to know where to look. 

A locum tenen healthcare practitioner. Photo from: Healthcare Finance News

Be a locum tenens 

This is only applicable to those who work in the healthcare industry. If you are a physician, nurse, or psychologist, then consider working as a locum tenens

A locum tenens is a healthcare practitioner who works temporarily for someone else’s practice. It can be in their hometown or somewhere else. 

If your town has a stable healthcare system, consider practicing somewhere else where proper healthcare is scarce as a locum tenens. Go to remote areas and aid people; people who might not have access to the right kind of healthcare. 

Just stay at home

Everything can be overwhelming these days, but take comfort in knowing that merely staying at home means you are helping fight against the virus. You are doing your part as you decide every day to continue living within your home’s comfort

You don’t have to pressure yourself because there is already so much stress in everything. When you stay at home, you are safe, and other people are secure as well. The spread of the virus from person to person lessens, and the risk of it causing more damage gets weaker. 

Continue your life in quarantine. There is no shame in feeling safe and prioritizing yourself. Live your life as if everything is normal if it helps you cope. Continue working, doing things you love, anything that can distract yourself. You don’t have any reason to feel useless, but if you do, then take small steps. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture to help others. Sometimes, all it takes is to be there for yourself and other people going through the same thing.