Are you one of the entrepreneurs interested in developing an on-demand service marketplace app like UrbanClap or TaskRabbit? Then this is the right place, since here is the solution for your business- The UrbanClap clone app. With this clone app, you can start linking users with the service providers through your potent all-in-one app. 

But before stuffing your mind with all the information about the UrbanClap clone app, let’s learn about what  UrbanClap is all about. 


What is an UrbanClap app?


The market appears to have a sudden outburst in on-demand services because of the users looking for an efficient service. Despite the higher demand, there was a severe lack of professional service providers. There was also a massive problem in matters like service charges and inefficient services. users would have to bargain on the service charges and even if the service provider or labor is incompetent, the work done would not be of standard and would be unsatisfactory. Finally, the customer would be at the losing end. 


During such a bad scenario, the UrbanClap app was launched in the on-demand service market in the year 2014. People started witnessing a change in the on-demand service marketplace after they had efficient and prompt services. By 2019, UrbanClap saw a pivotal growth from $1.6 million in 2017 to $17 million in 2019. By the coming year, the revenue estimates are expected to get tripled. Not to forget that the app has already earned $110 million in funding. That’s how popular the on-demand services marketplace is today. 


Now that you know about the UrbanClap app, let’s start working our way in learning about the UrbanClap clone app


The working mechanism of the Clone app:

  1. The user will select a service from the list of categories.

  2. The task is defined by the user then.

  3. The service provider will get to know about the requirement of service through the app.

  4. The service provider will accept it according to the availability.

  5. After which, the service provider will arrive at the user’s location.

  6. The cost rate is estimated for other services requested.

  7. The task will be completed by the service provider.

  8. The payment is made by the user.

  9. The users can choose whether or not to give a review for the service. 


Benefits of the app:



With this app, it is possible for the users to save time and money without having to go through the old method of searching service providers online and assigning tasks to strangers who are unverified. The app itself has verified and handpicked service providers. 


Highly secured:

Since the clone app would be engineered with ample trials of security to avoid unexpected hacking, everything would be secure. The details of service providers such as contact, verification, and ratings can’t be altered. 


Simple user-interface:

The app’s fundamental goal is to provide simplicity and ease to the users while handling the app. The app gives a seamless experience of browsing through the services, to its end users. Users can efficiently search for the service that they require and decide from several available options. 


Hassle-free payment:

There are various options of online payment that are provided to the user like e-wallets, debit or credit cards, digital payment apps, etc. This ensures a smooth transaction process and to keep track of payments. 


Monetization models of the UrbanClap Clone app:

The app is a one-stop destination to provide an extraordinary user experience and services to the clientele. There are various choices for business owners to generate revenue from, for increasing their ROI. Let’s look at them one by one. 


Advertisement fee:

Using the app, you can earn money by letting third-party advertisers promote their products or services using your app. 


Commission fee:

As per the agreement with the service provider, the app owner, that is you, can receive the commission after the user pays for every service rendered. 


Sponsoring fee: 

Service providers who are interested in getting featured at the top of the service provider list can sponsor for their profile to get more business opportunities. 


Essential features of the UrbanClap Clone app:



Users can sign up/log in to the app, by entering all their information, or they can also login using social media accounts like Facebook, Google+ and Linked In, etc. 


Multi-payment integration:

The app is integrated with secure payment gateways, which supports multi-payment options using globally accepted gateways. Payments can be processed using credit/ debit cards, other digital payment options, internet banking, e-wallets, etc.


Multi-language integration:

The app is integrated with multi-lingual options to cater to the needs of users across the world. The languages include German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, etc. 


Multi-currency integration:

App users are allowed to make payments for their services through local currencies. It is one of the ways to boost the convenience of the user. 


In-app chatting:

Service providers and service requesters can use this in-app chatting feature to connect directly with one another. They don’t have to share their contact details or keep a record of the chat if the deal doesn’t make progress. 


Cost estimation for developing the app:

The cost for developing an UrbanClap like the app cannot be fixated, unfortunately, as there are many factors that decide the total cost. According to the fits and needs, the prices may vary. 

Some factors that would be considered are:


  1. Total hours for development

  2. The team hired for the development.

  3. The distance of the development company

  4. Addition of functionalities/ features 

  5. Requirement of customization


So, these factors may depend on you and the company that you prefer for development.


As a final thought, there are many companies out there that would let you purchase a UrbanClap clone script, at an economical price. But the quality offered would be of first-grade. So, start with planning now because the time for success is right here.