If you are looking for something to do in your spare time and at the same time you want to make a living, or you simply want to have a new hobby to invest your free time, surely doing some leather crafts will provide you with fun ways to Express your creative being.

Leather is a very versatile material and there are many interesting things you can create with leather. Leather crafts range from personalized keychains for your special friends to handbags, belts and other highly sophisticated and elegant leather accessories. Leather craft books and kits also offer many patterns and excellent craft ideas.

There are several techniques mentioned in leather craft books that are commonly used. One of these is dyeing; This implies the use of alcohol-based dyes, bitumen can be used as an alternative to dye and preserve leather craft Singapore.

The next technique is painting. In leather paint, the paint only remains on the surface, unlike dye, where the paint is absorbed by the leather. In this technique, acrylic paint is commonly used.

Carving is another technique used by amateurs and professionals just as it is usually found in leather craft books. This technique involves metal implements used to compress moistened leather to produce a three-dimensional appearance on a two-dimensional surface. In this technique, the most commonly used tools are rotating blades, peelers, chamfering machines, seeders, veiner, cams and bottom tools. Craftsmen also use punch-type tools that are struck with wooden mallet, nylon or raw leather.

The next technique is stamping. This technique involves the use of tools or seals shaped to make an impression on the surface of the leather. Typically, traces on the surface of the leather are created by hitting the seals on the surface of the leather moistened with water with a mallet. Water makes the surface of the leather softer and able to compress the designs printed on it. To make the print last longer, the leather is treated with oils and greases to be water resistant and prevent the fibers from deforming.