The brick market is recovering. The question: can I sell a house with a tenant inside? The answer is yes, but it is not a very simple process. However, it is not an impossible undertaking and I tell you more: if you were able to conclude the deal you could even get some advantage.

The essential elements you need are above all two: a virtuous and well-aware renter of the sale and a careful selection of the buyers . To be clear, your potential customer is, above all, a person who does not want an apartment to go and live there.

Yes, you got it right: whoever evaluates the purchase of a house occupied by tenants wants to secure another source of income in the long run. If you do not define the characteristics of the buyer and you are not clear with the tenant of the property you may have some difficulty in getting rid of the house .

In fact, if the tenant does not want to leave the house for rent it could negatively affect the operation and lower the value of the property on the market. My advice: better wait if there are still more than 10 months to the expiry of the contract and the tenant does not prove collaborative. But let’s find out how to sell a house with a tenant for rent.

Selling home with a renter

How to sell home occupied by the tenant? The first step – as mentioned – is to communicate the intentions in advance, at least six months before the contract expires.

Is it necessary to get rid of the house quickly? Offer incentives to the tenant to push him to go. For example, he lowers the rent for the last few months of stay as compensation for the disturbance of visits and pays the expenses for the move. Or again, you can find a home similar to yours.

In any case, an informed and concordant renter can prove to be an advantage. Why is selling a house with a tenant worthwhile? Keeps the house tidy, clean, well furnished and functional. In practice, it gives potential buyers the idea of what it would be like to live in the future home.

Is your goal to sell a rented house to customers who want to increase their assets with a second income? Having a tenant with a stable and punctual job in payments is undoubtedly a point in favor that increases the value of the residence .

Indeed, it will be the same tenant to help you sell the house quickly . Remember that a hostile tenant is an inconvenience to avoid: it slows down the sale of the property and can cause damage.

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Right of pre-emption sale home

Selling house with tenant, what to do at this point? You can proceed with the cancellation of the lease and let the tenant exercise the right of first refusal on the rented house at the end of the contract (after the first 4 years in the 4 + 4 contract or after the first 3 years in the 3 + 2 contract) .

What is the tenant’s right of first refusal ? The tenant, owner of the pre-emption right, must be informed first of the sale of the property and must first have the opportunity to buy a house at the established price. All with an advantage over other interested foreign individuals.

What are the duties of the owner who wants to sell a house in this situation? He must inform the tenants or his decision with a notification from the bailiff or by registered letter with return receipt. The document must contain the amount requested for the sale and the conditions.

From the moment he receives the letter, the tenant has 60 days to exercise the right of first refusal on the purchase always through a communication and a written document from the bailiff.

Payment of the price must be made within 30 days of the 60th day following the communication. The tenant must add the compromise stipulation or the purchase deed.

Tenant eviction for property sale

What happens if the tenant does not want to leave and gives up buying property? You can sell occupied house to a third party: the lease is also valid with the new owner. Alternatively, you must choose the eviction of the finished lease. There are two ways :

  • Intimation with which the tenant is invited to behave according to the agreements.
  • The summons to discuss the matter.

If the tenant does not appear at the hearing or does not object, the judge starts the executive eviction which must take place within thirty days. If, however, the conductor’s reasons are not considered consistent and founding, the court immediately orders the eviction without waiting any longer.

If you want to sell a house with a tenant inside, you must let the potential client know its real value . What does all this mean? It is not enough to say that the renter is reliable in paying the rent, to the words you follow the facts before the buyer asks you to see the receipts.

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As you have guessed, the sale of a house with a tenant is an already delicate negotiation so do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks, the slightest doubt could blow up the deal. Show the lease , receipts and don’t lie about the tenant’s character. Inform anyone interested in buying a home if they are facing a defaulting tenant or if there are lawsuits pending.

Furthermore, he informs the buyer that, if the tenant does not leave the house within 18 months, he can lose the tax concessions relating to the first house. The reason? To take advantage of the house bonus.

The property must be considered as the main home and whoever buys it must make it his residence within 18 months of the deed. If, on the contrary, the apartment is still in the hands of the tenant, the first home incentive may lapse for the new owner .

Selling house with tenant, how to do it

How to sell your home in Curacao with a tenant inside can seem complicated and can become so if you are not clear . Before taking such a step, you need to evaluate the specific situation well.

It is essential to have the renter on your side with a good rental fee and you must target buyers interested in making an investment over time and have no interest in immediately occupying the property. Do you know how to sell rented house? Are you interested in selling your home in Curacao