A healthy and healthy sleep is the key to well-being, good humor and performance. The rest will be full, and good morning is highly dependent on the correct bed, so it is important to approach this purchase responsibly, given the characteristics of this furniture.+
Bed criteria
In order not to lose your head from the variety of assortment and choose a high-quality model, you need to consider the parameters that determine the degree of reliability and comfort. They include:
the size and shape of the bed;
How to determine the shape
The best option is the classic rectangular version. If the soul is attracted to originality – furniture in the shape of a heart, a boat or a circle, then you need to prepare for additional troubles, from discomfort during sleep to bedding and bedspreads, which you need to sew to order. And such a model will take up much more space. Fantasies can be embodied in original decoration and textile design.
The size should receive the utmost attention. The standard length of a bunk varies from 190 to 210 cm. For optimal size, add 15-20 cm to your height. To determine the comfortable width of the bed, you can lie on it with your arms crossed behind your head. If the elbows do not go beyond the bed, then it is suitable. Ideally, it is better to choose the largest product that can enter the room, without limiting the ability to move freely. After all, the bigger the bed, the more comfortable it will be to sleep on. Mydeal reviews
Height matters too. For most models, it is 50-90cm. For young and healthy, low platform beds are acceptable. Older people should buy a taller model, it is easier to lie down and stand on it.
ATTENTION! The best option is height when the top edge of the mattress is at knee level.
Wireframe selection
The frame structure can include 2 backs, which serve as supports, and 2 side panels. Another option is 4 panels and 1-2 mounted backs. Then the legs or a platform are used for support. With high-quality construction, both frames can last a long time, although brackets with a large area break less often than legs. On the other hand, models on the legs look more elegant.
The frames are made of various materials on which their durability depends:
Wood mass samples are the most reliable and environmentally friendly;
forged and welded metal frames are not inferior to wood and look very elegant;
MDF products represent the best value for money, therefore they are in good demand, they are much cheaper, but not as durable;
Chipboard copies, chipboard are the cheapest, but unreliable, since double and family beds with a greater load, it is better not to buy.
The headboards, in addition to the support function, perform other tasks. They support pillows on their heads, make it easy to lean on while watching TV shows or reading, and protect against contact with the wall. They can also be used to install lighting fixtures or decor items. The headboard also provides psychological comfort, giving a sense of security. The backrest can be equipped in the form of a box with a hinged lid for storage.
How to choose a base
A base is attached to the frame, which serves as a support for the mattress. The main thing is that it should not sink under the weight of the people who sleep on it. Consider the following types:
Structures with metal grids are inexpensive and last a long time, but they bend easily and do not differ in orthopedic properties, therefore they are suitable only as temporary bunk beds.
There are also solid sheet bases of thick plywood. This is an environmentally friendly, strong and durable material, but it does not have holes for ventilation in the mattress, which causes the accumulation of bacteria and dust mites. Such a foundation does not have an orthopedic effect and is considered an outdated option.
The most popular are the bases on which bent orthopedic slats (sheets) of wood or plastic are placed on a wooden or metal frame. They easily withstand heavy loads, jump smoothly, and allow you to fully relax during sleep. The more planks that are laid on the base, the stronger it is. In a single model, they require at least 15, in the family model, at least 30 parts.
To save space under the base, drawers can be integrated for storage or a common compartment that opens with a lifting mechanism. The main disadvantage of such equipment is that it prevents ventilation of the mattress, and this quickly renders it unusable. Therefore, if it is not necessary, it is better to leave an empty space under the base for ventilation.
Which mattress to prefer
Some models of beds are sold complete with mattresses, but not always of good quality. It is better to buy it separately or find an option with a quality product. It is better to immediately refuse a cheap copy made of foam rubber, which is pressed and loses shape in a short time.
Expert opinions on mattresses differ. Some lean in favor of multi-layer products without springs, especially natural fillers. Others prefer spring combination options. With respect to orthopedic mattresses, it is believed that hard and medium-hard products with independent spring blocks or mattresses without coconut and latex springs are better supported by the spine. When choosing a mattress for stiffness, it is better to be guided by your own feelings, do not hesitate to lie down in the store.
The choice of the bed in accordance with the design of the room.
When choosing a model, you need to focus on the style of the room. A low-shelf product is perfect for high-tech, minimalism, oriental, but looks bad with low ceilings or in a Romanesque interior.
Wicker and bamboo designs perfectly complement the eco or ethnic style, but are inappropriate in a minimalist design. For country or retro rooms, forged metal beds are suitable. Furniture with leather details is versatile and blends harmoniously in modern, classic and minimalist rooms.
Where to install a double bed
In order to correctly place a double bed in the room, it is better to adhere to simple ergonomic rules:
In the bedroom this is the main theme, they give it a central place with the headboard against the wall;
The step between the side of the bed and the wall or other furniture should be at least 0.7 meters;
If you have to place it sideways to the wall, the space at the foot must be free;
Placing the headboard of the window is not successful, as drafts, bright sunlight, heating sections can disturb, and it will also be difficult to get close to the curtains and the window itself;
If there is a niche or hole in the wall, this is a great place that creates a feeling of loneliness.
Given the subtleties of choice, it is easier to make the right choice and provide a comfortable stay in a cozy family nest.