Real estate franchises are a great way to invest in. It offers buyers a complete package of business as well as built-in name recognition. Many franchisers provide a package of paid national advertisements which includes promotional materials, business software, corporate training and hardware. While buying a real estate franchise, proper research will make it easier for you to find the right one to invest in. Several factors should be kept in mind while finding the best and profitable franchise opportunities. A franchise business can profit you effortlessly if you invest in a correct franchise, and for this, detailed research and proper documentation are needed. There are some essential steps that you need to know.


1.Calculate total money:

The most crucial step you need to do is to calculate the total amount of money you have to invest in a franchise. The total count of your wealth. From which sources you are going to lend your loan, the full amount that you expect from your potential business partners. It will help you to determine what type and range of franchise you exactly want to buy and will be able to avail of the most profitable real estate franchise opportunities.

2. Determine real estate transactions:

Find the correct type of real estate transaction according to your interest, which is suitable according to your experience and training. Franchise opportunities primarily focus on rental, residential, commercial, leasing, and relocation services.

3. Make a list :

Try to list down what exactly you want from a real estate franchise corporation. Depending on your needs, your own experience and the real estate professional. Usually, real estate franchise corporations offer services that include pieces of training, equipment, marketing tools.

4. keep yourself updated:

Keep yourself updated on which real estate company is offering franchises for sale. Few franchisers provide hands-on help and provide continuous guidance along during operation, while others offer a few materials to new owners. You can gain knowledge from the internet, franchise fairs, and franchise brokers to determine the best match for your business interest.



5. Order for marketing tools:

While having a deal with franchise company representatives ask for marketing tools which you need according to your requirements. You can order promotional materials and franchise applications which best fit your needs. Discuss all these details with the company representative while purchasing.

6. Compare and contrast:

Know everything related to franchise costs and requirements. Compare different franchise disclosures. Importantly you need to know

  • One-time fees for a start-up
  • Renewal costs
  • Royalty payments (most franchisers demands a certain percentage of your yearly business income)

7. Determine the target geographic region:

While buying a franchise, go for a check of a list of the company franchises available in your favorable areas. Few franchisers limit the number of offices to prevent saturation.

8. Complete documentation:

Complete all the required documentation and application by the franchiser. Corporate offices cross evaluate your documents and see if you have enough finances to start a company and backup plans.

9. Review the franchise agreement:

Go thoroughly to the agreement letter, know who is having an attorney and have experience in franchising and complete all the paperwork before signing a contract to buy a franchise.



10. Total cash and loan documents:

If you have applied for a loan from a bank or private lender, collect all the needed loan documents and cash. Lenders usually demand tax and bank statements, along with credit reports and down payment.

You will need

  • Franchise information
  • Franchise disclosure
  • Personal income documents
  • Bank statements
  • Federal income tax documents

Important tips:

The investment range for a real estate franchise ranges $1,000 to more than $600,000 or more. The additional cost is added for corporate assistance. While purchasing franchise importantly, you have to determine your business needs to avoid any extra services, which you don’t need.

Demand for a disclosure statement before finalizing the deal or signing a contract agreement. The disclosure statement might have all the necessary information which includes

  • paper documents
  • emails
  • publication on a Web page or data delivered to you on a computer disc.
  • the company and franchiser background
  • The financial condition of the franchiser
  • start-up and on-going costs
  • restrictions on the franchise
  • training opportunities,
  • conditions for terminating the agreement.

Other franchises offered by the company in your geographic region.

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