If you have a plan to launch a cafe then you need to consider various things. You must decide an attractive menu including some delicious beverages and savouries, and you must install some comfortable seats for your guests. People tend to spend a lot of time in a cafe and you must select an unconventional setting for teenagers. So, considering the age group you will be targeting, it is important to choose suitable cafe chairs. For example, you can place few sofas for your corporate guests and you must include few baby highchairs for children.

Tips to choose the best Cafe Chairs:

If you have a small space then you cannot include so many tables and chairs in your cafe. People will not spend their time in a claustrophobic atmosphere. In this case, you need to leave enough room between the cafe chairs and you can leave around 70-80cm space between the tables.

  • You need to choose the cafe chairs according to your cafe tables. For example, if you want to add some high-tea tables then you must place some stools under them. Else, you can use a particular corner of your cafe with such high-tea tables and chairs. Apart from that, you can choose some round or square shaped tables for your cafe.
  • Interior design of your cafe is the pillar of your business and you need to provide a comfortable atmosphere to your visitors. You must choose some comfortable cafe chairs for your guests. In this case, you can choose some chairs designed with leather upholstery, or you can install few sofa sets designed with vibrant and easy-to-wash fabrics.
  • You must maintain the hygiene of your cafe and you should clean your cafe chairs on regular basis. In this case, you should choose some cafe chairs which are easy to clean. You cannot use water or any cleaner on leather upholstery, but you can change the fabric of your chairs. They have washable covers and you can change their covers anytime to give them a new look.

Things to consider while you choose the Cafe Chairs:

  • You should consider the depth of the chairs and it must be around 16-18 inches. Guests will spend more time on these fluffy comfortable chairs and they will re-order some food items again and again. This will boost your income.
  • You should choose some cafe chairs, which have 15-17 inches width and you can choose some 16 inches stools for your high-tea zone. In this case, you must choose some tables which are 12-inches long.
  • Unstable cafe chairs can ruin your whole business and you must check the durability of these chairs. You should choose some chairs which are stable and they must have sturdy legs. Apart from that, you can choose some chairs which are coated with high quality wear-resistant coatings and you can use them for a longer period of time.
  • You need to move such cafe chairs every day and you need to choose something which is lightweight and flexible. There are different types of cafe chairs available such as vintage, rustic, high-stools, industrial, and lots more. You can search them online and choose the best one according to your budget.

Normally, cafe chairs do not have armrests and you can easily manage high traffic by using such chairs. You can find various types of chairs made of metals, hardwood and plastic. It is better to choose some metal or hardwood chairs. If you want to decorate your cafe in a traditional way then you can choose hardwood cafe chairs.