When it rains at home, it is a good idea to find an umbrella and take a walk around the property to check for drainage issues. Wait till the rain gets hard. If the land is not graded well or there are rocks under the land surface the rainwater will not get absorbed into the soil easily.

If you find gutters overflowing it is good to try to unclog them. Sometimes the leaves and tree debris get stuck in the gutters and all you have to do is pull it out. Many people have underground drains and these may require cleaning or replacement. Everything has a life and when the drains get old it is good to redo them.

It is good to inspect the garden for low areas where the rainwater can stand. If you find a water collection 24 hours after the rains then you need to add more soil to that area. Reseeding your garden and sodding will also help the situation. If you have a very large wet area in the garden it can damage the grass and also the flower beds. You will need extensive grading or a French drain to solve the problem.

For underground drains in Dallas, you will need new PVC drain pipes which have holes. These perforated pipes are laid on gravel. You may want to use new gravel for a new drainage system or continue to use the same old gravel to save money. Excess water will collect in the pipe through the holes and will be diverted elsewhere.

The slope of beds near your house foundation also needs to be checked. If it is sloping towards the house you need to fix the problem. The water may seep into the foundation walls and make it damp. With damp wood in the foundation, the risk of pest infestation is high. During the rainy season, the weather is hot and humid in some areas. The pests love the dampness and may begin to live in your foundation walls or basement. Termites can eat up wood without your knowledge and repairs will be an unexpected expense that can blow your budget. So keep the basement dry to ensure you do not raise any mold or mildew there. If the basement is in use the pets and kids can get ill with allergies.

There are many landscape drainage solution providers you can find online. It is best to hire a company that is located in your city. They know the local landscape issues and how to treat the

standing water in your area well. The well-established companies have a lot of experience and will not overcharge you for the job. Landscape drainage contractors need to be licensed. Feel free to ask them questions over the phone before calling them over to have a look at your garden. They will check the standing water problem and give you an estimate. All the materials will be first approved by you and then installed. All the work will be completed on time as and when required.