The winter season is around the corner, and it is time to unpack all your warm, cozy, soft, and comfortable apparel out of your wardrobe. If this winter, you have a goal of looking fashion-forward, a men’s jumper is the way to go about it. Although, with the technology getting more and more advanced, many high heat-insulating fabrics in the market are efficient in keeping you warm. Regardless, the style statement that comes with jumpers is not to be matched. 

Knitting is one of the ancient ways to make clothes. This fact explains the abundance of knitted apparel all around the world. They are warm, comfortable, cozy, and add just the right amount of class to your overall personality. Moreover, the versatility that this serene winter outerwear offer is exceptional. You can wear a jumper as a base layer on your skin, as a middle layer under your denim jacket, or even as a subtle outer layer. 

If you want to enlighten yourself more about the world of men’s jumper, continue reading. Below is the list of some men’s jumpers that are worth the hype this winter season! 


#1 Crew Neck 

A crew neck knit is the simplest type of men’s jumper available in the market. However, these are the most dapper in the lot, and that is something no one can not deny. The versatility of crew neck jumpers is remarkable. You can pull off the most casual yet stylish look, by wearing a crew neck jumper with just anything. If you have T-shirts in your wardrobe, you can wear these jumpers over them and sport an effortlessly cool look. Considering this, crew neck is the simplest way to spend your winter in the most modish way without doing much. 


#2 Roll Neck 

The roll neck styles are a medieval-style, just like its cousins, which are funnel necks and mock necks. They were made for the knights who fought in the war for security reasons. The style around the neck secured the warriors from getting their necks slashed from the chainmail fabric. After half a millennia, the English playwright Noel Coward made roll neck jumpers a style statement with his plays in 1921. In the 21st century, this unique styled jumper is still in-vogue and also one of the favorites among the fashion-lovers. If you wear roll neck jumpers underneath your formal coats, not only will it look exceptionally trendy, but also there will not be a need to wearing a shirt or tie to complete the look.  


#3 V-neck jumper 

Despite being the trademark look of golfers, V-neck jumpers are surprisingly one of the most versatile jumper styles in the fashion industry. You can pull off the comfortable yet edgy look by wearing a V-neck jumper over a shirt and a tie. Moreover, you can also sport it over a T-shirt for a business-casual look. 

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