Working from home can cause pain in the neck, shoulders, lower back, and even the jaw. This is usually caused by people working in spaces not designed for work, making it difficult to maintain a good upright posture for the needs of the spine. ”


No matter how many hours you spend at your desk, the basics of a good office chair remain the same. It should adapt to your body, support it and adapt to your movements throughout the day. An orthopedic chair that mimics the natural curve of the spine can improve work efficiency simply by supporting the body in the correct places. Combined with a cascading seat design (slightly curved leading edge) and her thighs and legs, which also have effective support. ”


The best gaming chairs to work from home

Autofull Gaming Chair AF055PUW

A game specific update for one of the most successful chairs Herman Miller has ever designed. The sci-fi style curves of the back contour to your spine and additional sacrum support reduces your ability to relax, while 150 ‘pixels’ in back curvature and flex promote movement and even weight distribution. With the ability to adjust the height, width, seat height, depth, and recline position of the arms, you’ve found the perfect chair for work and play.


Adjustable seat height

You should keep your feet flat on the floor to maintain a strong, upright working position with your hips slightly above your knees. If it’s particularly low, you may need an extra footrest.


Adjustable seat depth

If you are unable to test your chair before purchasing, look for an adjustable seat depth, as it is important to sit on the back of the chair without squeezing the back of your knees. When you lie down, you also activate lumbar support.



Another seemingly obvious feature, but if you keep going around and looking for paperwork, a swivel chair will take the strain off your lower back.



Ignore the fixed-height armrests and anything that gets in the way of getting closer to your desk. The best options are to adjust the height and width to fit the width of your body and support your forearms at a 90-degree angle to your body to reduce stress on your shoulders and back.



Many find chairs that move when reclined backwards irritating, but a reclining back provides an element of dynamic movement, important for relieving pressure on your body, even on the cheapest office chairs. There is also the option of lying down for a while without hurting yourself.



Play in the office?

The fact that in many areas a gaming chair is more versatile than most office chairs: more armrests and angle adjustment, better support for the neck and lumbar spine and backrests. wider and winged are the norm. ”


The first gaming chairs were basically racing seats that were bolted to the base of an office chair. The idea was that if a player can sit comfortably for a long time, so can they. These early chairs have now evolved with brands like Autofull and Secretlab that focus on ergonomics to combat the inevitable repetitive stress of marathon sessions.


Regardless of the style of chair you are working in, it is important to remember that no matter how comfortable and supported you are at your desk, you need to take regular breaks. Your business office has relaxation areas, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, and standing desks to keep you moving and focused.