Massage comes from a French word that literally means “kneading friction”. This is a method that involves putting pressure on certain parts of the body. This can be done manually or with a power tool. The application can be hands, elbows, feet, or just fingers. There are more than 150 types of massage around the world, but only some of them are becoming more popular than others.


One of the types that are known to be the most relaxing is the Swedish massage. The muscles are rubbed so that the blood flows better to the heart. In addition to the relaxing effect that people can get, this type of massage provides much more than that. It can improve body flexibility and complete blood circulation, increase blood oxygen levels, and help cleanse our body of toxins.

Another type of Massage Center in Dubai that helps reduce stress is trigger point massage. The trigger point affects many other parts of the body because it is a source of pain and is sometimes difficult to find. For example, a trigger point on the neck can cause a severe headache. Thanks to this trigger acupressure, the pain will be sharply reduced. Even with regular massage, people will be able to avoid chronic pain and prolonged stress.

Acupressure is another type of massage that is also known as acupuncture. This type is a combination of pressures at certain points in the body (so-called “meridians”) to improve blood flow and increase body energy. It basically has almost the same healing function as acupuncture, but it only applies to the fingers and toes. Other benefits are not only for treating most types of pain but also for reducing stress and improving sleep quality. In this way, the body will have better endurance and help people stay healthy longer.


Sports massage may not be of interest to people who are not athletes, but in fact, this type of massage can also be applied to people who are active or often engaged in exercise. This will help improve athletic performance and treat or prevent injuries during exercise. With faster movements compared to other types of massage, you will increase muscle flexibility and relax them. This massage is reminiscent of the type of shiatsu, which originates from Japan. Shiatsu combines acupressure with the traditional massage technique “Anma”. Thai massage also has the same type of technique as shiatsu, but the patient’s position is not just a lie. It is similar to yoga, but without work and is more energetic.


For people who have to stand on their feet most of the time, reflexology massage will be very fruitful. Apply pressure to some points of the foot that correspond to some vital organs of the body. It is believed that this treatment improves the overall health of the body. While for pregnant women, a specially designed pregnancy massage can be used to reduce swelling in some parts of the body and reduce tension. This type of massage is safely performed with pillows or pads.