A studio apartment or we can say “bachelor apartments” is the perfect choice for those who are single and looking for a place to call home. But, when you think of living or buying property this old adage comes to mind as they say Good things come in small packages for studio apartments. Young buyers in cities prefer studio apartments for living. People rather buy a studio apartment in an ideal location than to buy a bigger property in a less ideal location.

If you are looking for properties for the first time and you come across the term “Studio Apartment” and you don’t know it yet, don’t worry here are all the things you need to know about studio apartment.

What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is also known as “Studio Flat” (UK), is generally refers to the large combined space that features a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom without separating them. However, modern building plans now started to separate the kitchen from the living room and bedroom. It offers everything you need in one large room to live, eat, and sleep with a separate room found where it’s needed – the bathroom. Your living room, bedroom, and kitchen area provide a cozy and practical living space ideal for today’s downsizing movement.

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And while the big costly apartments are not for everyone but studio apartments do offer benefits that larger properties don’t.

Here are the benefits of living in studio apartments:

  • It is more affordable when compared to the other larger properties. It’s a great option for those who are buying homes for the first time and for those who are thinking of downsizing their living spaces.
  • This is more appealing for those who really want to experience living alone without being depending on a roommate.
  • Having less space housework becomes a snap when you only have one room to clean. This gives you more time in your schedule to do far more interesting things.
  • You will save money on furniture and home décor is more affordable as you have less need for items such as area rugs, window treatments, and wall art.
  • Studio apartments are eco-friendly because of their smaller space they consume less power and save money on your heating and cooling bills. Smaller spaces are easier to heat and cool so you won’t need to crank the air-conditioning or heater as much as you would in a larger space.
  • Living in a small space makes you organize things as you have nowhere to hide or store them. It’s hard to survive in a cluttered environment; so embrace living in an organized clutter-free ambiance!
  • It’s harder to lose the remote control or anything else for that matter.
  • Most of the studio apartments are built in blooming communities close to public transport, shops, restaurants, entertainment and are an easy distance to main cities.
  • It’s easier to pack and move when it comes time to move on.

So, a studio apartment is an ideal space for living alone but it can also be suited for couples who are looking to try living in a tiny home. However, if you are leaving home for the first time or you are a mature downsizer, the studio apartment offers a cozy place to live.