Being in the moving industry since last 13 years, we have observed that people always ask about how to get organized for the big move. Well, that’s actually a good question. We often get advised to get organized before the big move, but only a few knows how do it. Most of the people think that hiring professional packers and movers is the only way to get organized. But, no it’s not true. The right way to get organized for a move is described below. Read and follow:-

Categorize the Goods

Before you or your mover will start packing the goods, it is good to categorize the goods first. This way the movers or you will know what exactly you need to pack and will not waste your time in packing unwanted things. Start categorizing your goods according to the goods uses. Divide them in three categories – 1) what to keep? 2) what to donate or giveaway? And 3) what to sell?

Sort by Frequency of Use

This means the goods that you will use till the last day of your move should not be packed immediately rather wait and leave it for later. Sort the goods by frequency like home decors and other goods should be packed immediately because this would take more time than other goods also, you will not need them. So, sort your goods and make them ready for packing.

Discard off Everything You Don’t Use

If you think you have some goods that are no more useful for you or, you will not need till the moving day. By donating or selling the goods you can easily get rid of the unwanted goods and move with only the items that are useful for you.

Label the Boxes

After categorizing the goods keep them in separate boxes. These boxes need to be labeled with what does the box contains. If it carries the goods that are to be sold then just label it with’ To be Sold’ or ‘Sell’, Similarly, ‘To be donated’ and ‘To Keep’ for the goods that want to donate to charity and want to keep with you. Labeling the boxes will make things easier for you when you will start packing your goods.

Arrange Packaging Materials

Instead of buying packaging materials you should arrange them. This will help you to save on packing supplies cost. You can ask the local vendors to get the carton boxes at free of cost.

I hope now you will know the right way to get organized for the big move. You should follow the steps to get ready or organized for your big move and make sure to hire professional and reliable packers and movers in Gurgaon of your city to have safe and hassle-free moving experience.

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