During the summer months, school playgrounds don’t get much use because of the extreme heat on the outside. Most children like to stay indoors and even the summer vacation also takes places during these months as well. So, naturally, the school playground should be perfectly taken care to ensure that the ground is kept in good condition before the upcoming school session. 

Therefore, in this article guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the major tips & tricks that you should be following to keep your school playground in the perfect shape – with the help of outdoor play equipment in Australia services.

Tips & Tricks For Performing School Playground Maintenance

  • Plan To Perform An Inspection

You should take your time to perform a complete inspection of your entire school playground. Try to look for equipment parts that are worn out or even broken, so that you can easily replace it within the correct period. Look out for debris or litter that can turn out to be a danger for kids and make provisions to remove them beforehand. 

Moreover, you also need to take note of the repairs that you need to carry out before the school reopens. By doing an inspection, you’ll be able to learn the issues with the school playground, so that you can take the necessary steps to fix them. 

  • Get Your Repairs Done

If you don’t take of the minor problems that your school playground is facing, then they can turn into major issues later on. Furthermore, those same issues can put kids in danger when they’ll be playing again. 

It doesn’t matter whether there are repairs that need to be done or equipment that need to replace – you need to complete these tasks when there are no students or kids around.

  • Maintaining The Benches And Fences

In case the school playground has fences and benches that are established, you mustn’t forget to check their overall condition. There could be chances that the fences might have holes in them or even some portions would be bent as well. It can also be possible that such seating fixtures might be worn out and are in dire need of fixing. 

For instance, wooden benches need to be maintained at regular intervals so that the worn-out areas could not injure the kids that sit and play on them.

  • Remove All Tripping Hazards

You also need to check the playground for all kinds of tripping hazards. Such hazards include large rocks or even tree roots as well. These things need to be removed at all costs so that you can reduce the risk of falls.