Welcome to OKVIP – a place that puts reputation and service quality first. Our professional support team is always ready to solve all your problems promptly, ensuring you always have the best support. Please contact OKVIP to experience professionalism and efficiency today.

Introducing OKVIP group

Introducing OKVIP group

OKVIP media and entertainment group, formerly known as Taipei101 group, has proven its position as a leading unit in the online entertainment business in Asia.

OKVIP Group's headquarters is located in Krong Bavet, Cambodia (35GC+4C). In addition, the group also has branches and representative offices in many countries in Asia such as Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam…

With the mission of creating a different entertainment experience, OKVIP not only operates in the field of providing online entertainment services but also focuses on continuously innovating and optimizing the experience for customers.

When should I contact OKVIP?

Players need to contact the dealer in many different situations to ensure they receive comprehensive and effective support and answers to their questions:

Contact OKVIP for product and service inquiries

If players want to better understand the corporation's products and services, contacting customer service is important. Employees will provide detailed information about OKVIP's advantages, features and policies, helping them make informed and more confident decisions when using the service.

Contact us to search the service catalog

Players contact us when they need assistance searching and locating specific categories on the site. Staff will guide how to use the system and services, helping them easily and quickly access the information or products they are interested in.

Contact us to answer your questions

If you encounter any difficulties or do not understand anything while using products and services, players should immediately contact customer service. Staff will answer any questions and provide support to resolve issues quickly.

Contact to resolve the complaint

In case of complaints or unsatisfactory feedback, players should also contact customer care to inform them of their problem.

The specialist will listen and try to find the most suitable solution to resolve the situation, ensuring player satisfaction with the complaint resolution process.

How to contact OKVIP?

How to contact OKVIP?

The house has built and developed a diverse and effective OKVIP contact channel system, putting service quality first in the customer care process:

Contact via livechat

  • You can chat directly with the support team to get quick answers.

  • Reduce response time and create a fluid interactive experience.

Contact via social networks

  • Interact through social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

  • Build a tight online community, evaluate and respond quickly.

Contact via online information on the website

  • Customer care information is available on the OKVIP website.

  • User guides, FAQs and other information give customers more autonomy.

Contact via OKVIP's hotline

  • Call the switchboard directly to receive support from the dealer.

  • Create convenience and peace of mind when someone listens and answers questions.


The promptness and professionalism of the liên hệ OKVIP support team has created trust and peace of mind during the process of using the service. This system not only helps solve problems but also creates a positive and comfortable user experience. If you have any questions, let us assist immediately.