OKVIP Ambassadors are famous names representing the alliance. They are the people that everyone knows and bring the most benefits to liên minh OKVIP . Let”s explore OKVIP”s brand ambassadors in this article.

Overview of OKVIP ambassadors

OKVIP is a well-known entertainment alliance in the market today. This is a multi-purpose entertainment corporation developing in many different media. However, most of the time the unit operates strongly in Asia.

OKVIP Ambassador brings the alliance brand to a wider scope

Therefore, in order to expand the brand scope and get closer to customers, OKVIP has conducted many different ambassador contracts. This helps the alliance”s name to be more prominent, appearing in many major tournaments and clubs. Thanks to that, it is possible to increase the ability to recognize OKVIP globally.

OKVIP brand ambassadors

Thanks to ambassadors, the alliance”s brand will become more famous. Currently, OKVIP has four famous representatives from major football clubs. These are the ambassadors:

Introducing the alliance ambassadors

OKVIP Villarreal FC Ambassador

Villarreal FC is a famous Spanish football club. Currently, they are OKVIP”s brand ambassadors from 2023 until now. This football club is very famous in Spanish football as well as in the world.

Villarreal FC”s ambassador cooperation event with OKVIP took place, shocking the region as well as the world. This cooperation process will be implemented from October 2023 and brings benefits to both sides.

To make the brand night more widespread in many places, OKVIP decided to look for famous representatives. Thanks to that, it can bring high recognition to the corporation. In addition, it also ensures the reputation of the brand with users.

789BET Ambassador Luis Suárez

789BET is a partner of OKVIP and the two sides have been operating together for a long time. And when 789BET signed a brand ambassador contract with Luis Suárez, OKVIP also became more known.

Ambassador Luis Suárez is well known

Luis Suárez is a famous Uruguayan player that almost everyone who loves football knows. He played for many big football clubs. And Luis Suárez has also agreed to be the brand ambassador for the famous bookmaker 789BET from 2022.

This is an ambassadorial cooperation that is highly appreciated and brings benefits to both sides. This cooperation also helps OKVIP gain popularity because of its bilateral cooperation with 789BET. Thanks to the ambassador from 789BET, it also helps OKVIP”s system become more prestigious and safer.

OKVIP Ambassador Andrés Iniesta

Andrés Iniesta is the brand ambassador of the world-famous bookmaker SHBET. The SHBET brand is also one of OKVIP”s partners working together. The representation from Andrés Iniesta also makes the entertainment systems of both SHBET as well as OKVIP more prominent.

Andrés Iniesta is a famous Spanish player who has played for many major clubs and tournaments. He has many years of experience in the profession and receives great love from fans.

Andrés Iniesta”s connection with SHBET further increases the bookmaker”s credibility with players. It also indirectly helps OKVIP become a reputable and safe entertainment address for all customers.

Brand Ambassador Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos is an ambassador of the super reputable Jun88 betting brand today. The cooperation of the two sides brings many opportunities for brand development. Both sides benefit from this cooperation.

Roberto Carlos is a famous Brazilian football player that everyone who loves football knows. He is considered a world football legend and has many fans.

The fact that Roberto Carlos is an ambassador for Jun88 also makes OKVIP more popular. Because Jun88 and OKVIP also have a cooperative relationship with each other. This makes it clear that both are reputable and safe in the market.


OKVIP ambassadors are all famous names in world football that almost everyone knows. These ambassadors will represent the brand and bring the group”s name https://okvip.law/ further in the world market. It also shows that this is the most prestigious and powerful alliance today.