OKVIP Group is a media entertainment alliance originating from the famous Taipei101 entertainment group. Currently, the unit is operating under the name OKVIP and appears in many different countries. Learn about this prestigious and quality corporation now.

OKVIP Group is super quality

OKVIP is a brand established in 2023 due to the merger of Taipei101 with Cambodia. After being merged, the group began to operate more strongly in many different positions. The group”s spearhead is entertainment and media products.

Quality OKVIP Group

OKVIP will start operating in 2023, but its predecessor has been operating since 2006. It can be said that the group has more than 20 years of operation in the profession. Therefore, all the products that the brand brings meet the desires of customers.

What makes OKVIP stand out?

OKVIP Group has been operating for many years, so it has many notable highlights. Highlights at the alliance are as follows:

Highlights of OKVIP

Field of OKVIP group

OKVIP was built and developed with the goal of online entertainment products. Many forms of communication for convenient online entertainment are provided here. Guaranteed to bring future entertainment technology to many countries around the world.

As the network system is taking over the world, online entertainment is dominating the market. Understanding that, OKVIP always focuses on activities in this field. Bringing a lot of entertainment and communication products on the internet.

Services provided by OKVIP

This place provides extremely strong communication, advertising and marketing services. with many different forms of service to get closer to customers. With a large and experienced staff, we ensure to promote communication services.

Just look at the strength and development of the OKVIP group when it first arrived in Vietnam to see it immediately. From 2023 until now, it has reached every corner of Vietnamese media. No matter where you visit, you can see OKVIP”s brand.

Connecting many entertainment brands

OKVIP also connects with many partners in the entertainment field. This brings a stronger entertainment market thanks to solidarity. This solidarity brings many entertainment suggestions to customers in many national markets.

Online entertainment place connecting many famous brands

The entertainment brand that cooperates with đối tác OKVIP brings online betting entertainment products. Going there, you can participate in many genres such as sports betting, casino, fish shooting, card games, slot machines, etc. All are clearly tested, safe and have high rewards.

Financially strong OKVIP group

It can be said that OKVIP is a large, large-scale company in Asia. Currently, the brand is headquartered in Cambodia. With a long history of operation, wide scope and modern fields. These things have helped OKVIP become stronger.

Thanks to stable finances, OKVIP can be used to operate well in many countries. Currently, the brand is present in many countries in Asia, including Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore,… Here, OKVIP also operates super strongly, standing out on all media platforms.

OKVIP Group recruits continuously

OKVIP is also famous for continuously recruiting people to work in different positions. The special thing is that the working positions here are very diverse, you can work online or offline. And the salary for each position is so virtual that you can”t believe your eyes.

With a civilized, harmonious working environment, with cooperation and solidarity as the focus. All job positions here are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. If you are looking for a great job, you can refer to OK VIP.


OKVIP Group is a large, prestigious and most prominent brand in the media entertainment system. Providing a good working environment and a safe and wonderful entertainment world for all customers.