Suits are arguably the most sought-after clothing for men, which is why it is a staple in the wardrobe collection of men worldwide. When partnered with the right shoes, pants, and accessories, suits can transform the overall appeal of a man that will undoubtedly make heads turn.


Although suits are quite versatile, you can’t wear the same suit every day or for every occasion or event that you go to. Suits have different features and functions that are only applicable to a particular occasion. Because of this, you need to have different types of men’s suits in your wardrobe.


Nowadays, there is no shortage of suits in the market.  The problem is, how do you choose the right one? If you happen to be looking for suits to upgrade your wardrobe, here are some of the must-have suits that should be a part of your collection:


Wool Suit Jacket


If there is clothing that would be the counterpart or equivalent of a woman’s black dress, that piece of clothing would undoubtedly be the wool suit jacket. This type of suit looks timeless when worn in formal occasions. It is arguably the most reliable suit to wear and guarantees that you will always look good when you use it.


A wool suit jacket that is simple and has great quality can be dressed up when you attend a wedding. It can also be used for formal interviews or conferences and can be dressed down when used for work purposes.


A wool suit jacket is made from durable fabric, which means you will be able to wear it all year round and will be your most trusted suit. Because of its durability, you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined when you bring it to the dry cleaners.


Stretch Checked Jacket


If the wool suit jacket is the most reliable type of men’s suits when it comes to formal occasions, the stretch checked jacket is the perfect all-rounder clothing, especially during colder months. Whichever shade you go for, a stretch checked jacket is arguably the greatest wardrobe workhorse and is much easier to dress down compared to a wool suit jacket.


This suit is perfect for casual events, such as birthday parties, dates, or informal meetings. However, that does not mean that you can’t use it for formal occasions; you just need to dress up by adding the appropriate accessories and wearing formal footwear.


Lapel Suit Jacket

Next on the list is the lapel suit jacket, which is widely considered as the best suit to wear during summer months. This is because it mostly uses lightweight fabric that offers better “breathability.” This ensures that you won’t be having too much sweat during hot and sunny days, and will keep you cool all day.


There are different colour options for lapel suit jackets, that is perfect for any event or occasion. Wearing this suit is beneficial because it shows that you have a good understanding of fabric and colour and demonstrates the ability to dress well.


Luxury Suit Jacket


Last on the list is the luxury suit jacket, which is the ultimate clothing for sophistication. This suit is the clothing that you wear for special events that happen only quite a few times. If you are planning to upgrade your suit wardrobe, then a luxury suit jacket should be one of your priorities. Wearing this suit will make you look your best, especially when it fits perfectly, according to The Manual.


Out of all the suits that are available in the market today, the suits mentioned above should undoubtedly be on your list. If you always want to look good regardless of any occasion or event, you can never go wrong in getting any one of them. Check out a reputable seller of quality suits today.