The Full Moon day in the holy month of Shravana (July-August) is considered very auspicious. This day is meant to seek forgiveness from Moon and Shiva, who is the Ruler of Moon for all our mistakes. On this day, wake up early morning and keep fast until you offer prayers to Shiva. Chant Shiva Mantras a minimum of 108 times (ideally 1008 or 10008 times). Chanting any Mantra on this day is said to give multifold benefits than on a normal day and can get rid of any afflictions related to Moon in our birth chart. Praying to Shiva, the granter of Siddhi powers, on this day can provide you with immense mental strength and help fulfill desires.

On this day, in North India, people celebrate Raksha Bandhan, a sacred festival that marks the purity of the relationship between brothers and sisters. After performing Pooja, Sisters tie Rakhi (a decorated sacred thread) around the wrist of their brothers, seeking their protection and love. It is also celebrated as Kajri Purnima in North India, where women fast for the welfare of their children. The holy Amarnath yatra that commenced in Ashada Purnima concludes on Shravana Purnima.

Today is also Hayagriva Jayanthi, the birthday of Hayagriva, who is considered to be an incarnation of Vishnu, one of the trinities. Hayagriva’s head is of a horse, and the body is of a human. It is believed that Hayagriva retrieved all the stolen Vedas from the Asuras and returned all Vedas to Brahma.

Today’s predictions

• This Purnima is very auspicious since it falls on Monday, the day of the Moon. The Day Lord Moon is strongly posited in Shravana Nakshatra (own Star), which is all about hearing. It will be a very auspicious day, especially if you listen to good things and Vedic chants. You can benefit by listening to the advice of elders today. Those in the music and media field can excel. The Moon is together with Saturn, which is in Uttarashada Nakshatra, which is all about victory and invincibility and Solar traits such as recognition, royalty, name, and fame. The Day Lord, the Sun will be in Ashlesha Nakshatra in Cancer, the sign of Moon, together with Mercury in the resplendent and rejuvenating Punarvasu (Jupiter Star). Mercury owns Ashlesha Nakshatra. This Nakshatra is ruled by the Nagas and represents the Kundalini Shakti (the universal energy and wisdom), the power of intuition, wisdom, and fertility. The deity who rules Mercury is Vishnu, and today is Hayagriva Jayanthi, the birthday of one of His divine incarnations. By praying to Hayagriva today, we can regain our lost power, wealth, reputation, and fame through our wisdom and good communication skills. Read more on panchangam

• Saturn and Moon both are aspecting Sun and Mercury and are aspected back by both these planets. Hence, we can get recognition and wealth from positive thoughts, actions, and communication. Shiva is very benevolent and gives boons easily. By praying to Him today, we can turn around our life in a positive direction. And, prayers to Hayagriva can make us intelligent and wise.


  • Observe fast, if possible,
  • Meditate and chant Mantras for Shiva, the Moon, and Hayagriva
  • Donate food at temples and help priests. Also, help poor people
  • Consume and distribute sweets
  • Educate poor children. You can even sponsor their education
  • Read holy scriptures and offer Gangajal(Ganga water) and milk on Shiva Lingam
  • Keep books in front of Hayagriva idol or Vishnu idol and put rice mixed with turmeric on it
  • Wear green or white color clothes and saffron and turmeric Tilak on the forehead


  • Refrain from bad habits and behavior
  • Do not misuse wisdom or wealth
  • Do not hurt anyone, especially refrain from harsh words
  • Do not disrespect books and scriptures
  • Do not neglect or disrespect your parents or your teachers/mentors and Gurus

Mantras to be chanted at least 108 times

Om Sri HayagreevaayaNamaha

Meaning – I salute Hayagriva (the horse-faced incarnation of Vishnu)

Om NamahShivaya

Meaning – I salute Shiva

Om Sri ChandaayaNamaha
Om Sri SomaayaNamaha
Om Sri SomeshwaraayaNamaha

Meaning – I salute Chandra/Soma (the Moon) and Someshwara(Shiva who wears the Moon on his head)