If you live in Dubai because of your job or business, chances are that you must have heard about second-hand furniture or have bought second hand furniture. For expatriates, the availability of high-quality second hand furniture in Dubai offers a wonderful opportunity to furnish their homes at a low cost.

There is something weirdly wonderful about landing in an opportunity of buying the beloved mahogany sofa at $100 by contacting a seller through local classifieds when you saw the same sofa at a local dealership with a sale price of $10,000. The joys of buying second hand furniture go well and truly beyond this. Here is a list of reasons why you should go the parsimonious path rather than spending exceedingly high amounts on new furniture.

It is proven to be of high quality:

The top reason why you should buy second hand furniture in Dubai is that it has already withstood the test of time, so chances are that it will last a few more years if it is properly restored. A little polishing and filling in the space would ensure that the furniture would last for at least 10 more years.

It is available online:

The flexibility and ease with which used furniture can be bought, also make the buying process more fun. Many Dubai based websites offer you the opportunity to post free ads in Dubai. Just specify what kind of furniture you want to buy and at what price and then post your advertisement. Interested sellers will contact you. You can scan through their offering to see what type of furniture they have (by checking out the pictures) and at what price it would be sold. Then you could negotiate with your prospective seller about the price. Arrange to meet the seller, take a few people along to be on the safe side.

It is an environmentally friendly option:

Buying used furniture is an environmentally friendly option. The furniture industry is otherwise very wasteful, from cloth that is used to cover the sofas to plastics that are used to manufacture chairs, hundreds and thousands of items are used in manufacturing a single piece of furniture. It is for this reason buying used furniture is an environmentally friendly option. Materials that are otherwise wasted on packaging new furniture are saved when you buy new furniture.

It helps folks in need:

While some decry the fact that buying second-hand furniture puts local furniture sellers at a disadvantage, others believe it is a simple but sweet way one can help out fellow community members. In these turbulent times, when everyone is looking for a way to save a few bucks, helping someone economically by buying their furniture can be an excellent endeavor at the community level.

You get to enjoy the unique craftsmanship:

Ever got a chance to look at furniture of the time gone by? It is unique, creative, and exudes a sense of craftsmanship one can never see in the 21st century, batch produced versions of furniture. The exquisite turns and carvings on wooden furniture can only be enjoyed if one buys second-hand furniture. The 21st-century furniture is no match for a wooden picture frame whose wood is carved in Mughal miniature art style.