It is apparent that there are many agents who are still making use of Excel spreadsheets or a simple contact manager (like that of the one in Outlook or Gmail) to take care of their database. They simply feel of their database as a catalogue of numbers and names. They are simply missing out on the control of automating the processes around developing and upkeeping relationships with the individuals in database.

The thing is if you are one of such individuals then you must think about  Top real estate crm systems and ensure that you have the right tools working for you.  Maximum of the professionals and agents making use of CRM in their real estate endeavours to ensure that they are ahead of their competition.

The Difference between a CRM and Excel or Contact Manager?

It is important to note that a CRM system is not simply a catalogue of names and contact information. It is completely integrated with email, so that a person can easily contact people directly from their CRM; a dashboard and also calendar that informs the user who to contact every single day; and a tracking system that tells the users where each person is in the cycle of sales. CRM even permits the users automate a lot of your marketing, including sending email drip campaigns. Following are a few important reasons why real estate agents should use CRM to manage database:

CRM Comforts to Establish a Daily Five routine

Do you have a “Daily Five” routine? In case not then you are definitely skipping out on one of the most efficient business growth hacks in the realm of real estate book. Daily Five adds type of discipline to the process of contacting the people in your database. Simply make a call and check in with five people a day, for five minutes each, five days every week across the year. Each week, you are going to link up with 25 people. Each day you are going to spend simply 25 minutes talking to them. But by applying your “Daily Five” dutifully, by the end of the year  you would have formed up a gigantic 1,250 calls! Presumptuous you have 300 names in the database you have, you might have spoken to all of them as a minimum four times that specific year. And if even five percent of such calls end up in a referral or business opportunity? You could be looking at sixty-two transaction sides in a single year.  The point is you need to imagine the impact you can have on your business.

Blend Your Follow-Up Efforts  with CRM

The commonest referral to not turn into actual business is lack of any kind of follow up.” Referrals are the soul of a thriving real estate practice; the challenge for many agents is figuring out with whom, when, and by what method to follow up. When you manage the real estate database with CRM, you could know as soon as you log in who is on the list you possess, and whether to ring, send an email, or even touch base on social media.


So,  since you have a great idea about the best crm system for real estate, make sure that you are not missing out on it. It is going to revolutionise your real estate business.