The practice of meditation is a popular mind-body practice that has been evolving through generations. If practiced regularly, it can help in reducing stress and promoting calmness. Meditation is beneficial for people of all ages, including kids and teenagers.

Studies have shown, the rate of the number of children practicing meditation all across the globe has increased rapidly.

In this article, you will get to learn about some benefits of sleep meditation for kids and also child-specific meditation applications to try.

Sleep Meditation For Kids: The Benefits

Practicing meditation has some potential benefits for people of all ages, including relieving pain, enhancing mood, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and helping with anxiety and other mental health problems.

Research has shown, kids who have incorporated meditation in their lives have a greater ability to handle stress in comparison to kids who do not practice meditation. Researchers have also observed a decrease in attention problems among children aged 9 to 13 years.

Different Types Of Meditation For Children

There are various different forms of meditation for children, all of which involve similar elements.

  • A specific focus on attention
  • A comfortable and relaxing position
  • A quiet personal space with limited distractions
  • An open attitude from the side of the person meditating

Mentioned below are some of the forms of meditation that may be suitable for young people.

Mindfulness Meditation: This form of meditation usually makes use of breathing techniques to help you gain focus. It also improves the concentration of a person focusing on a particular sound or part of the body.

Guided Meditation: In this type of meditation, the practitioner listens to a guide, teacher, or instructor either through an audio, voice recording or in person. Some parts of guided meditation have a specific purpose like helping with health issues like anxiety and insomnia.

Mantra Meditation: In this form of meditation, repetition of chanting of a mantra or a specific word is involved. Om is a common mantra that is often recommended to chant at the starting and ending of a yoga practice. Repeating this word as part of the meditation helps in building focus for young people.

Topmost Meditation Apps For Kids

A number of meditation apps are available in the online market, including apps specifically for kids of all ages. Outlined below is a list of one of the most popular meditation apps for young people.

App. No. 1 – Calm

While Calm is not necessarily a child-specific application, it does contain a variety of benefits for children below the age of 18.

The ‘Calm Kids’ section of this app has a brand new section for beginner meditation, some of which are as short as 1 minute. This app also features a series of short stories that assist the kids in fully falling asleep.

App. No. 2 – Headspace

Headspace is one of the most popular applications present online. It includes a huge library of guided meditation for kids. It also has meditation themes for kids like calm, focus, sleep, wake up, and kindness.