While we are looking for a house to buy, we all have visited different sites and residential projects. Sometimes, the offers and words of salespersons confused us in choosing which one Is best for us. A 2 BHK apartment or 3 BHK in Greater Noida.

Many of us think that there is not much difference between these two apartment types other than their sizes and cost. But in reality, there are many factors that make them different from each other.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new home buyer or an experienced investor. Sometimes, the option of choosing between 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments can be very confusing. Good research and analytical thinking help you to choose the home of your dream within your budget and your lifestyle. But if you intend to buy an apartment in Greater Noida whether it is a 2 BHK or 3 BHK this blog helps you to clear all your confusion.

Today, customers are looking for both space and comfort. And developers like Paramount Group helps them to have a home of their dream.

With state-of-the-art technology and improved amenities in most of the 3BHK flats have increased their demand in the market. Now, most of the big families are bolstered in purchasing 3 BHK in Greater Noida. Because of enhanced road connectivity, upcoming metro, and airport facility. And less pollution as compared to other NCR regions. Besides that, owning a 3 BHK apartment in Greater Noida is also extremely affordable compared to other areas like Delhi and regions of NCR.

Here are some reasons why to choose 3 BHK rather than 2 BHK in Greater Noida:

Lots of Space: We all seek to live in spacious houses or apartments. Having a house with extra space always comes in handy when we always have a number of guests and relatives coming to our house. Apart from the guest room, extra space is always useful, if you want to make a home office or to take on activities that make you delightful and inspired.

Economy: People have wrong information about the pricing details of 3 BHK apartments and continue to assume that 3 BHK apartments are more costly than 2 BHK homes. A 3 BHK apartment is typically just 20- 30percent higher than a 2 BHK flat one. Since the price difference is small, buying a 3 BHK flat makes good sense.

Healthy prospects: The option of 2 BHK applies to most apartment buyers. Yet they appear to apologize at a later time. Do not purchase apartments according to your current needs. As your family grows, there’s also a growing need for space. Remember, you will also need to take into account the needs of your parents and children.

Space for your pets: The additional room in 3 BHK is suitable for families with or caring for pets. Although the majority of pet parents love to sleep and cuddle with their animals, it’s best to just get used to a home for themselves. When they are used to it, when you’re not here, it will be much safer for pets to live at home. If you are in 2 BHK this luxury of space is quickly gone. Every friend or family member who stays will take up the extra room and leave no room for your animals.

When you invest money in any house, you should look not only at your current needs but also keep in mind your future needs. As such.

It is often best to pick a 3 BHK in Greater Noida rather than a 2 BHK apartment.