After the implementation of much waited regulatory bills like GST and RERA, the Real Estate sector has become a common investment option among the buyers in the Indian market. With more transparent transactions and clear tax structures have created an enormously positive response in the market, leading prospective investors to invest without any fear. Properties, Villas, and other houses have caught the attention of home buyers and investors to invest.

The luxury villas offer you a whole lot of blissful factors, namely

  • Class
  • Comfort
  • Lavishness
  • Indulgence
  • Opulence and
  • A unique charm

The luxury villas in Greater Noida also provide the following advantages to every person who is willing to seek the much-required change in living.

Perfect luxury with the freedom to design

The villas are designed to give their owners a royal feeling. Having a villa is not only living in luxury but also with the freedom to design your space as per your liking. Moreover, those who have hobbies of gardening can use the extra space to grow herbs and spices. A villa in Greater Noida comes with hardwood flooring to iconic slanting roofs. These are not just an investment but also the physical incarnation of a dream home. You can choose villas in a gated community like Paramount Golfforeste to get the best of both worlds and treat yourself to global amenities and facilities in the comfort of your independent space.

Great locality and appreciation value

An ideal home in a city’s greenbelts is always better than a home in the hustle and bustle of the living area. Areas of suburbs like Greater Noida have high appreciation rates and are ideal places to live with family. Villas in Greater Noida offers a pollution-free living with great connectivity to the major hubs of NCR and Delhi and separating it from the busy life of the city.

A steadily growing market

ROI of villas is much higher. Aside from getting more than you spend, they are far more spacious than apartments and therefore also give you the option to rent out some extra unused space.

The privilege of privacy

Villas are separate houses providing a lot of privacy. For family get-togethers or celebrations, they are the perfect option. It would not be feasible in an apartment to have a bbq session on the lawn with music or watch a new release in a home theatre. You can also bid farewell to the days of opening your living room, balcony or the curtains of your bedroom to the space of your neighbour. Your villa will be your well-defined private land plot that will be able to sustain your family for generations to come.


Because of their vastness and grandeur, villas are often mistaken for lacking security. Potential homeowners believe they will need to actively protect their home from uninvited break-ins by employing a professional security guard, but security will not be a problem in developments such as Paramount Golfforeste. In the safety and reliability of a gated community, you will enjoy the luxury and opulence of a villa making it the perfect form of investment for families.

The combination of such benefits and the product from a trusted builder like Paramount Group is truly a deal of a lifetime.